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Read Right to Left: Naruto

  • From the Read Right To Left review of Naruto, as Y Ruler Of Time describes the Raikiri, which involves Kakashi punching people with an electrified fist:
    YROT: Unfortunately, he doesn't follow up on his many opportunities to shout "I AM A MAYUN!!!"
  • Right before the timeskip, when Sasuke leans over Naruto's unconscious body and YROT realizes there's a little too much subtext going on.
    YROT: Naruto and Sasuke specially form deep bonds, and while they mantein their rivalry, they become like brothers. *panel of Sasuke and Naruto pinky-swearing and a "WTF!" caption* Hey, hey! I said brothers not lovers, dammit?
    YROT: So Naruto is unconscious and Sasuke... er... resists the urge to do the upside-down kiss from the Spider-Man movie? (Beat). You know what? Screw it. No more beating around the bush. What the hell is up with all these homoerotic pictures of Sasuke and Naruto? Fucking hell, Kishimoto. Stop feeding the Yaoi fangirls, they don't need your help. Good god, look at some of these. Necklaces of each other's faces? Did they have a summer fling?
  • Also, his offense to how Kishimoto portrays the female characters, particularly his sarcastic "And feminism marches on!"
    • This includes Sakura's only motivation being her love for Sasuke and Kishimoto implying girls suck because they're boy-crazy, her only function as a cheerleader of the group, and after the time skip the only changes in the females are that Ino's outfit looks like a slut and Hinata has big boobs.
    YROT!Kakashi: Yeah! Let's go fight these guys. Sakura, you stand over there and be a cheerleader- I mean, guard the old man.
  • His entire analysis about Sasuke's character and why he hates him more every day.
  • His recap of Tobi and Sasuke's meeting:
    YROT: And if wasn't enough, this guy [Tobi] shows up after Itachi dies to tell Sasuke that the whole vengeance thing he was doing his entire life was totally pointless.
    YROT!Tobi: (voiced like a Surfer Bro) You see, dude. Your brother, like, totally loved you and left you alive so you could kill him and be considered, like, a hero. Oh, and he was, like, a total pacifist and he killed your whole family so some war wouldn't start or whatever.
    YROT!Sasuke: (voiced like a Whiney dope) You're lying!!
    YROT!Tobi: No, I'm not.
    YROT!Sasuke: Ok, I believe you.
    YROT!Tobi: So, like, what are you gonna do? Now that you know the truth, dude.
    YROT!Sasuke: (voiced menacing) I'm going to kill EVERYONE.
    Screencaption: When I first read this, the sound of hatred that emitted from my throat was so potent that it summoned a demon that killed my roomate. To avoid a repeat occurrence I will not attempt to recapture that moment. Sorry.

Read Right to Left: Prince of Tennis 1

Read Right to Left: Prince of Tennis 2

  • "You could write a 200-page page on how that gives a gigantic middle finger to kinectics!"
  • Things Prince Of Tennis Could Have Been About But Isn't Because Kenomi Takashi Is A F#ckhead, AKA the easy-to-remember acronym TPOTCHBABWBKTIAF.
  • "Arrogant, conceited, hates to lose... Man, this guy's a great classic villain! Would be a sucky hero, though... Right, Echizen?"
  • "Echizen's gone radioactive! He's gonna blow! (ducks) (resurfaces) And not the way he usually does! (ducks again)"
  • After making it clear that he actually likes the match between Inui vs. Yanagi, he explains why it is more awesome, makes more sense, is dramatic and helps for character development for Inui. But again, it's Prince of Tennis.
    ''That was nice, wasn't it? Entertaining, dramatic... (Beat) Well! Time to get back to the crap!
  • His reaction to tennis star "The Emperor": "Join me, and we shall rule as senior high school student and senior high school student, he he he..."

Read Right to Left: Prince of Tennis 3

  • "... Which causes him to transform into one half of Siegfried and Roy!"
  • Atobe vs. Ryoma's match
    YROT: It looks like a typical back and forth match. They both use a bunch of different techniques and then OHMYGODSOMUCHINK (when getting to the 2 page spreads in full negative)
  • About Kawamura's bloody match vs. Ishida Gin.
    YROT: Next there's the power match featuring Kawamura that is so bloody, it looks like it was directed by Quentin Tarantino.
    YROT: God. So many scenes in middle school where they injure each other. May as well call the series "Tennis Royale"
  • Getting into the scene where the big skylight falls in the middle of the Atobe vs. Ryoma match, which Ryoma still scores the point by shooting the ball throught it.
    YROT: What is this, Happy Gilmore of the sudden? Not only is it ridiculous, unentertaining and not sensical because, again, the rules would call for a Led, so the point shouldn't be counted, but WORST OF ALL NONE OF THE GLASS SHARDS IMPALED ECHIZEN AND KILLED HIM!!!!
  • YROT's The Prince of Tennis Part 3 has him slowly going nuts over the increasingly absurd action, before finally breaking during the last serve of a game, struggling to compose himself, and whacking the camera with his racket to avoid having to read anymore.

Read Right to Left: Let's Bible

  • This.
    Demon Mariachi: I~... Am an angel... Original Archangel Lucifer...
    YROT: Oh my God, he's Sat-
    Demons Mariachi: ... His son's son's son's son's son. Called Sancho.
    YROT: * Sounding authentically disappointed* ... Oh, okay then... He's... He's not.
  • Right after that he has an Imagine Spot where Satan breaks up with his girlfriend.
    "Oh, yeah!? Well, see you in my place, bitch! * Hangs up and proceeds to cry*

Reaction Shots 1

  • His first Reaction Shots video gives quick thoughts on Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Death Note... and it is awesome.
  • On One Piece's female leads: "They're pretty well-developed... by which I mean they're strong characters with interesting backstories."
    • Turns this into a Brick Joke with Bleach's female leads, Rukia and Orihime respectively: "She's awesome! And she's well-developed! By which I mean she has big boobs."
  • One Piece...
    Y, ROT: It's about pirates!
    Pirate!Y: *In the worst pirate costume ever, and doing the hook with his index finger* Arr!
    Y, ROT: Only some of them have super powers!
    Pirate!Y: *Same costume but with a cape, raising his "hook" hand as if to fly* Arr, ar-arr!

Soulja Boy's "Anime"

  • His horrified reaction when he hears the lyrics to Soulja Boy's song "Anime".
  • YROT explains he had to take over the analysis of the song because he previously sent it to the music experts (Skitch and Todd in the Shadows) to have their opinions on the matter. Both of them tried to commit suicide right after.
  • His Call-Back to Soulja Boy's Xbox Live video challenge when he mentions Marvel vs. Capcom in the lyrics.
  • When he explains that attempting to rhyme "anime" with anything will not work, and says any other word can make a better rap. So he proceeds to rap about his chair.

Read Right to Left: Bakuman

  • During his review of Bakuman。, Y ponders how Nizuma Eiji is so successful despite his zany behavior, and thinks he should consider acting like him...
    YROT: Vroom, script! That is how script is done, yess!
    YROT: Comment, snark! Enunciate, pronoooouce!
    YROT: Edit! Panel effect! ZOOOOOM!!!
  • Also when pointing out Obata's moments using the characters to express his own tastes and opinions of the industry.
    Mashiro: That sounds like shoujo manga or some stupid romance novel...
    Takagi: Yeah, I don't wanna do that stuff either. Sex, rape, pregnancy, abortion, none of that crap.
    Mashiro: Might as well add "incurable disease" to the list. That's a big tearjerker.
    Takagi: Oh, yeah. Sorry.
    YROT: In other words... *Appears the words "Moé f(_)©|<ing sucks!"*

Read Right to Left: Alive

  • YROT mimicking the protagonist's derpiest moment. "GRAH!"
  • "Yeah, fuck it. Just give me a hooker."
  • "I'm crushing your head!"
  • "Gah! It's Tricky Dick! He's alive! I knew it!"

Reaction shots - Training arcs

  • His expression after describing the training arc of Ichigo in the middle of the battle against Aizen expanding even more the Arc Fatigue.
  • The parts on Prince of Tennis. Both of them. Words cannot do them justice.

Read Right to Left: Love Pistols

  • Regarding the Dub Name Change of the manga (it was originally called Sex Pistols):
    Y, ROT: "So hopefully by the end of this you won't be able to listen to "God Save The Queen" without thinking of a cat getting a blowjob. *Beat* We'll get to that."
  • And then he shows the aforementioned scene, complete with the aforementioned song in the background.
  • His comments on how near-death experiences seem to be the new trend for giving characters super powers and how it has replaced radiation.
    • Followed up by this (regarding how everyone is trying to molest the main character):
    Y,ROT: See, I think this would have much more sense if he had been bitten by a radioactive can of Axe Body Spray.
  • Y's reaction to how 30% of Earth's population (about 2 billion people) is a madararui (people descended from other animals besides primates) in this manga, and absolutely nobody knows about this, not even the most hardcore conspiracy theorists.
  • Y deciding after hearing about a parasite inserted into a man's anus that creates a temporary womb to bear children that the manga is not a yaoi story, but is actually a sci-fi horror story.

Read Right to Left: Reaction Shots 2

YROT: "Seriously, he's (Madara) going to turn the moon into a giant projector screen so he can broadcast his POWERPOINT OF DOOOOOM!"

Read Right to Left: The Downfall of Bleach

  • He mentions that his opinion of the series as of late has turned... sour. Showcasing this with clips from Weekly Manga Recap.
    YRoT: Bleach just "jumped the shark" again
    RolloT: How do you Jump the Shark after Jumping the Shark?
    In other episode...
    RolloT: Apparently, we're being told there's a book called "Unmasked" that we need to read...
    YRoT: I DON'T CARE! OKAY! I DON'T CARE! I don't care about extra material, alright? Kubo's a bad writer!
  • Part 2 also has shining moments:
  • "And theeeen they fight"
  • When Ulquiorra transforms into his Super Mode, he starts laughing at him. "So Ulquiorra decides to use (bursts laughing at his Second Stage) Aw, fuck! He looks like a Hot Topic store took human form!"
  • Talking about Orihime's Character Derailment:
    "None of! This Shit! Goes anywhere! So way to go, Kubo, fuck following through on foreshadowing! Orihime, sit in your tower, push up your rack and cry for your man, as FEMINISM MARCHES RIGHT THE FUCK ON!"
  • All his quotes about Aizen being a Villain Sue:
    • About his master plan: "Yeah, Aizen might be smart, but his plans aren't that original".
    • "All the shinigami and vizard who can still stand face down against Aizen, Ichigo arrives on scene and all form united fronts. And... Aizen just beats the piss out of every single one of them without breaking a goddamn sweat. I mean, for, like, eight straight chapters it's just nothing but Aizen being better, harder, faster, stronger than everyone. At times it's pretty cool, but mostly it's just sort of boring, because he doesn't even look like he's being pressed hard."
    • "Really, the only thing I remember liking was when he fooled everyone into just completely mauling Hinamori instead of him. Hitsugaya is all "I'm gonna kill you" STAB "Hey, you just impaled your childhood friend instead of me. Trololol". And then he wades through them like a fucking boss."
    • "Now you might have grown sick of Aizen being an unstoppable all-powerfull mastermind. Don't worry, you'll soon be sick of him being an unstoppable all-powerfull Nimrod."
  • About the series RetConning itselfnote  "Oh, and in Chad's case, the very next arc contradicts what Aizen says again, so we might as well all make up our own version of why things happen in Bleach and just believe whatever the hell we like. So I'm gonna say they all got their powers when they inhaled some mysterious science gas during a gang war. Sure, it contradicts everything we knew about where their powers came from before I stated that. But who cares about continuity? Kubo doesn't!"
  • "Speaking hypothetically, If you were to read throught the last three years worth of Bleach and took a shot, everytime you finished a chapter without coming across at least one page of two-page spread, I think you'll be completely sober by the end of it".
  • "And seriously, how many more times the characters are going to get their arms torned and cut off? I've been so dissensitized to dismemberments by this series that if my own mother had her arm severed, I'd tell her to walk it off. I swear, it's like Kubo has some sort of repressed rage against human limbs. Does he think Evil Dead 2 is a documentary?"
  • "I've started rooting for Bleach to end very soon after the conclusion of the battle with Aizen. I was sick of seen this battle pad out and then, when it was over, WHOOPS! Aizen's not dead. I don't even get that satisfaction."
  • "The Fullbringer arc was the last nail in Bleach's coffin. *Pauses* But the fight with Aizen exhumed the body, dug the grave and made the funeral arrangements!"

Weekly Manga Recap

  • In one episode of Weekly Manga Recap, the summary of the then-current Toriko chapter ends with Toriko walking Bubble Road, with a final scene of a group of mysterious figures riding a skeletal bird. Y Ruler of Time ends up giving a long, complicated analysis about how the figures are graphical representations of Toriko's id, ego and superego. Turns out they were just the next group of villains.
  • The entire episode "Naruto's Final Chapter". Both Nik and Chris start mentioning that the Epilogue of Naruto has a lot to talk about in every page they turn. Remarkably:
    • They question how come neither Lee, Gai or Ten Ten are shown to be attending Neji's funeral, while other characters who didn't have interactions with him are there.
    • Both constantly mock how some really minor (to insignificant) characters are present in the future, but we never get to know what happened to Orochimaru, Kabuto and the Hebi Team. This turns into a Running Gag.
    • Sakura is stupid because she instantly forgives Sasuke like he did nothing wrong, to the point even Nik mentions Bella and Edward's relationship makes more sense than Sakura and Sasuke: Equally as abusive, but with the difference that Sasuke never cares for her, and Sakura is still smitten by him. Yes. That low.
      • They mock that Sakura forgave Sasuke by just saying "For What?" instead of acknowledging he did anything wrong, to the point that Naruto seems a lot more inteligent in comparison because at least they were lying next to each for 24 hours, so they had a lot of time to talk and understand each other, while Sakura just forgives him on the spot.
      • Later on, after analyzing on Sarada and Sakura still being delusional about Sasuke, Nik concludes:
      YROT: You know what? At this point, of course Sasuke and Sakura ended up together. Because with all the bullshit he put her throught, to still be together with him, indicates that she'll NEVER leave him.
      • Sasuke just giving a half-assed apology.
      YROT: (Imitating Sasuke) Yeah... Sorry about that...
      Rollo T: (Imitating Sasuke) My bad, guys... Sorry for trying to kill the Kages and stuff...
      YROT: (after reading Sakura offering an artificial arm to Sasuke) He gets to have his hand back?! Oh my God!!
      Rollo T: He really got off. He's free like- No, Nik. 'Cause he's self-imposing no more arm on himself. He's sayin' "No, I don't deserve an arm. I deserve my freedom, I deserve my freedom of will, and I deserve to have a hot piece of ass to go fuck on the side. But that's it! No more! I do not deserve a hand."
      YROT: Oh my god. Did Naruto suddenly become Bleach?!
    • First page of 700 has Shino as the teacher, which Nik points out its Fridge Brilliance. And then they make up a scene of Shino trying to insert bugs into his students.
      YROT!Shino: So, what are you gonna do if you're surrounded all sides by ninjas?
      YROT!Kid: Uh, I would use my Kagebunsh-
      YROT!Shino: Wrong answer.
      YROT!Kid: Uh, I would use my wind pow-
      YROT!Shino: No.
      RolloT!Shino: You're not thinking about the millipedes. Which is your first problem. You need a fuck ton of millipedes.
      YROT!Shino: You haven't even bothered to ask me what sort of native bugs are in the area.
      RolloT!Shino: Yeah, you haven't even determined about what kind of fire ants are in there. Or perhaps rock ants. It's all very specific and will change how you handle the situation.
      YROT!Shino: Look, bugs are everywhere. You just need to know where they are in a different environment.
      RolloT!Shino: You just have to let them live in you!.
      YROT!Shino: Now. Hold out your hand to me.
      RolloT!Shino: I'm just gonna start- I'm just gonna put this. I know it seems big, but I'm just gonna put this rhino beetle in your arm. He's gonna burrow into your skin and make its home there. And it's going to lay eggs.
      YROT!Shino: I may seem weird for you to start off with the rhino beetle, but once you got that in, then everything else will be a piece of cake. So it's going to be your favorite.
      RolloT!Shino: Also I had a fight with my ants earlier, so they won't agree with this right now. This is all the options I have left.
      YROT!Shino: And only the rhino beetle felt like doing this.
      RolloT!Shino: Deal with it. #Shino.
      YROT: And that was one page.
    • They laugh at Ten Ten being a Memetic Loser.
    • On the fact that Hinata and Naruto ended up married and with two kids, they mention how bizarre it is that they had no romantic interaction shown, and joke that maybe Naruto keeps forgetting her.
      • Which also leads them to joke that Naruto is neglectful towards Bolt because he's half Hinata's.
    • All the points regarding Sasuke's daughter:
      • Nik refers to her initially as Uryu Ishida, only to Verbal Backspace.
      • The WMG that Sasuke's daughter can't be Sakura's. They first suggest that the kid looks more like Karin. Then reason that makes more sense if Sasuke just impregnated someone during his trip and suddenly arrived to Sakura's house to drop the baby at her care while he continues to be a deadbeat parent. They even joke that even Naruto being the mother makes more sense.
      • Also on why Sarada seems to miss him, despite the fact that Sasuke never shows up, and she has never met him. While Chris complaints that Sasuke is an asshole and girls still like him, Nik says that Sarada has to be Sakura or Karin's, because she also is delusional about Sasuke like them.
    • They make up a whole scene during the Kage meetings involving Kankuro and his puppets.
      YROT!Kankuro: I know what you guys should do. Make puppets for everyone.
      Rollo T!Kankuro: A plain guard issue to non-war we're having is we need more puppets around. Perhaps everyone should have their own miniature puppet that they walk around with. To entertain themselves and provide needed-
      YROT!Kankuro: I brought up some diagrams. And have prepared several charts on economics-
      Rollo T!Kankuro: I have some statistics for you. We had no puppets when the Great Ninja War happened. We need puppets now! To keep another Ninja War to happen.
      Rollo T: And then Naruto is like:
      Rollo T!Naruto: Uhm, fifteen years had happened without puppets and there's been peace.
      YROT!Kankuro: Yeah, but think about it this way. There were hundreds of years of war where nobody had their own personal mini-puppets. I have this circle chart prepared. You see? This is a circle chart of all the ninja wars that had ever occurred and as you can see this entire red, where red is the color indicating that nobody had pocket-puppets.
      Rollo T!Kankuro: I myself have a pocket-puppet. And I have not been attacked since the great ninja war ended. This DEFINITELY proves everyone needs puppets.
      Rollo T: And then there's everyone else like "WHY DO YOU LET HIM IN HERE?! With EVERY MEETING we spent 30 minutes arguing the stupid asshole's puppet plans down."
      YROT: And then Gaara is like:
      YROT!Gaara: Look, he's my brother, ok?
      YROT: Shikamaru is like:
      YROT!Shikamaru: You could just have Temari come here instead.
      YROT!Gaara: NO, I will NOT make the Kage Meetings another oportunity for you two to have random dates.
      YROT!Shikamaru: Oww...
      Rollo T!Sikamaru: You're just being rude.
      YROT!Gaara: She doesn't even live in the land of sand anymore! Come on!

Seven Sinful Series

  • The look of utter terror on his face as he remembers how chapter 2 of Franken Fran ended. He even grabs a teddy bear to huggle!