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The original novels

  • In The House at Pooh Corner Piglet and Pooh fall into a deep hole which they eventually decide must be a trap dug by a Heffalump. Pooh suggests that when the Heffalump comes along, they should try to confuse it by claiming that they dug the trap for him. Piglet lapses into a dream sequence about all the brave and witty things he's going to say to the Heffalump... and then when Christopher Robin finds the hole, a panicking Piglet mistakes him for the Heffalump, and all the brave, witty things he was planning on saying end up in a confused muddle:
    "This is a trap for Poohs, and I'm waiting to fall into it, ho-ho, what's all this, and then I say ho-ho again."
    "What?" said Christopher Robin.
    "A trap for ho-ho's," said Piglet huskily. "I've just made it, and I'm waiting for the ho-ho to come-come."
    • The original "heffalump trap" chapter from the first book is no less funny, with Piglet seeing Pooh in the trap with his head in a honey-pot, mistaking him for a heffalump, and sounding the alarm:
  • Just about all of Tigger's antics in the second chapter of The House At Pooh Corner ("In Which Tigger Comes To The Forest And Has Breakfast").
  • Eeyore's sole attempt at writing a poem in the last chapter of The House At Pooh Corner. He's genuinely trying to write a "goodbye" poem to Christopher Robin, but the poem ends up being mostly about Eeyore not being able to find any good rhymes:
    Christopher Robin is going.
    At least I think he is.
    Nobody knows.
    But he is going-
    I mean he goes
    (To rhyme with "knows")
    Do we care?
    ( To rhyme with "where")
    We do
    very much.
    (I haven't got a rhyme for that "is" in the second line yet. Bother.)
    (Now I haven't got a rhyme for bother. Bother.)
    Those two bothers will have
    to rhyme with each other
    The fact is this is more difficult than I thought
    I ought-
    (Very good indeed)
    I ought
    To begin again,
    But it is easier
    To stop.
    Christopher Robin, good-bye
    And all your friends
    I mean all your friend
    (Very awkward this, it keeps going wrong)
    Well, anyhow, we send
    Our love.
    • They all sign it, and their signatures are shown in picture, to be PooH, PIGLET, WoL, RABBIT, KANGA, EOR, BLOT (Tigger, who just hits the page with an ink-covered paw) and SMUDGE (Roo, who appears to have put his feet into the ink and walked on the page).
  • The chapter where Kanga and Roo come in, initiating a Zany Scheme by Rabbit to get rid of them, involving Rabbit kidnapping Roo while Piglet takes his place inside her pouch. When Kanga discovers Piglet, she decides to just go with it and pretends to think that he's Roo, so that he grows increasingly frustrated as she gives him Roo's medicine and bathes him, all while insulting him: know what I told you yesterday about making faces. If you keep making faces like Piglet, you will grow up to look like Piglet—and then think how sorry you will be.
  • When Eeyore accuses Tigger of bouncing him into the river.
    "It's like this, Christopher Robin," said Rabbit. "Tigger — "
    "No, I didn't!"
    • And further on:
    "All I did was I coughed," said Tigger.
    "He bounced," said Eeyore.
    "Well, I sort of boffed," said Tigger.
  • Owl's house is originally called "THE WOLERY", but then Eeyore sits on the sign and it becomes "THE SMUDGE".
  • Eeyore's hilarious comments about pretty much everything.
    • "Gaiety, song and dance, here we are and there we are."
    • "We can play here-we-go-gathering-nuts-in-May with the end part of an ant's nest."
    • "I don't want to complain, but I just do complain."
  • Pooh tries to put himself to sleep by counting Heffalumps instead of sheep but every Heffalump takes a pot of his honey, and when "the five hundred and eighty-seventh Heffalumps were licking their jaws, and saying to themselves, 'Very good honey this, I don't know when I've tasted better', Pooh could bear it no longer".

Return To The Hundred Acre Wood

  • David Benedictus's Return To The Hundred Acre Woods is a bit uneven as a whole, but has some really hilarious parts, one standout being when Owl tries to solve a crossword puzzle and gets stumped by "Big bird (3 letters)." He ends up writing "EGL," which he suspects is wrong — but try as he might, he can't squeeze "OSTRIDGE" or even "HORK" into three letters.
  • Rabbit trying to run a Census for the animals of the forest, with predictably disastrous results. Even the animals who are willing or even eager to go along with it, like Tigger, don't really seem to grasp the spirit of the thing:
    "Tigger," said Rabbit, "letís begin with you."
    "Yes, letís," said Tigger, bouncing a little, even though he had no idea what was to be begun. He liked to be asked to do things, and he liked to be asked to do them first, and he always said 'yes' because it is much more interesting when you do.
    "Spell it."
    "T-I-GRRRRRRRRR..." And Tigger emitted a ferocious growl.
    "Put your handkerchief in front of your mouth when you do that, dear," said Kanga.
    Tigger counted his paws, and then his whiskers, and then Rooís paws and whiskers, and then Kangaís paws and whiskers.
    "Donít know," he said at last.
    "Iíll put down twelve," said Rabbit.
    "Hooray!" cried Tigger. "Then I can have a birthday!"
    • Christopher Robin, of all characters, unleashes his inner Deadpan Snarker when Rabbit tries to get him to take part in the census.
    Christopher Robin: You already know my name.
    Rabbit: Spell it.
    Christopher Robin: I-T.
    • It gets worse when he tries to include all his Friends-and-Relations in the Census, because he can't keep track of which ones are Relations and which ones are Friends. In the end he tries solving it by inviting them all to his house and offering carrots to Relations and shortbread to Friends — only to discover that nobody wants carrots, so they all say they're Friends in order to get shortbread instead.

Disney features

  • In Piglet's Big Movie, Pooh is distracting Kanga with small talk about whether the animal sitting in a nearby tree is a bird or a fish. The situation is taken from the original novel, but in the movie, Tigger (who was not present for the scene in the book) intervenes with "It looks kinda wiggly! It could be a jellyfish! ...I think it's more of a peanut-butter-and-jellyfish, isn't it?" All of which is amusing, but the real Funny Moment comes in the next scene, where the camera zooms in on Kanga's house... right past a tree where a really happy-looking fish is sitting on a branch.
  • When Pooh and the gang found Piglet's diary within Piglet's Big Movie, they come across a drawing of Rabbit, who then promptly becomes annoyed and says "That doesn't even look like me!" Said drawing depicts Rabbit pulling that exact same facial expression.
  • Springtime For Roo has Pooh and the others spring cleaning for Rabbit, after coming in contact with too much dust, Pooh begins the most dramatic, overblown sneeze "that has ever been sneezed in the Hundred Acre Wood", even adding a whimsical little musical number inbetween it all.
    Pooh: Sniffity sniff, whistley wheeze,
    Here it comes, a great big sneeze...
  • In Pooh's Heffalump Movie, Lumpy tells Roo that his name is "Heffridge Trumpeter Bumpet Heffalump the Fourth". Roo asks him how he remembers all that, and Lumpy replies "I can't!"
    • A lot of Lumpy's earliest scenes qualify, since he's so much of an off-the-wall Cloudcuckoolander Keet that even Roo has difficulty keeping up with him.
    • During the rest of the gang's attempts to pursue a heffalump, Rabbit tries to drive one out with his "heffalump call", leading Pooh and Piglet to mistake him for one and capture him in a net:
    Piglet: Have you noticed that heffalumps look a lot like rabbits?
    Rabbit: *folding his arms inside net* And why do you think that is, Piglet?
    Piglet: Oh d-d-d-d-dear! The heffalump knows my name!

The Book of Pooh

  • In the "Chez Piglet" song from "At Chez Piglet," Rabbit sings about a number of dishes that will supposedly be served at Chez Piglet, including "peanut butter and jell-ay" and "ice cubes flambé." So, in other words, water.
  • The episode "Mr Narrator" is A Day in the Limelight for the Narrator. After the animals of the wood are all getting on too peacefully, the Narrator attempts to improvise a story with them, his first attempt is incredibly muddied and gets all their roles mixed up.
    • Pooh was bouncing (and getting cramps).
    • Tigger was eating honey (which he hates).
    • Kessie was doing garden work (and struggling to even lift the trowel).
    • Owl was confused due to being an owl of very little brain (a description that leaves Owl indignant).
    • Eeyore was flying across the wood (cue Eeyore trying to fly by flapping his ears).
    • Piglet cuts off the narrator before his role, terrified of what he might end up doing.
  • In one episode Owl discusses with Piglet how Rabbit might have worked himself silly. Later on he checks on Rabbit, who has decided to celebrate tending to his garden by dancing to some samba records. This alone is hilarious, but then when seen out of context, Piglet is convinced Rabbit has literally worked himself silly. Rabbit later introduces more of the animals to his samba records, leading Piglet to take measures against what he thinks is an epidemic:
    Piglet: *flying on balloon, wearing a surgeon mask and headphones, and speaking through a megaphone* Ahem, attention my poor silly friends, this is Piglet! Hear me! You must resist the silliness! Think of serious things! Laundry, er, black hats, erm....pages and pages of numbers...
    Rabbit: What on earth is he talking about?
  • "Enter Braying" has Rabbit deciding to recreate Eeyore's new play on stage, and promptly becoming a Prima Donna Director. The first rehearsal is repeatedly cut off before Pooh can finish the first sentence of the script, with Rabbit making increasingly grandiose alterations to the dialogue. By the end of it, the cast has fallen asleep.
  • In "The Case of the Disappeared Donkey" where Tigger takes on a super sleuth role, and confuses everyone by monologuing his detective work to the screen. Rather ironic for a show with No Fourth Wall.
    Pooh: Erm, Tigger....Who are you talking to?
    Tigger: NOBODY! *Aside Glance* I told him I wasn't talking to nobody, or anybody. You get the idea.
    Pooh: I'm rather confused.
  • Some of the wacky musical numbers are pretty humorous, especially when the whole group, even Eeyore and Kanga join in on the goofy dancing. "Enter Braying's" broadway dance and "The Case of the Disappeared Donkey's" jazz band gig are key examples.

My Friends Tigger & Pooh

  • In the song "Just a Few Simple Rules" from the special Tigger & Pooh and a Musical Too, Rabbit outlines his new rules as mayor of the Hundred Acre Wood. One of his rules is that everyone has to do chores at the same time, so he brings Piglet a scrub brush to wash dishes.
    Piglet: Uh, thank you, Rabbit, heh, but all of my dishes are already washed.
    Rabbit: Uh, that doesn't matter. All chores are to be done at the same time, all over the Wood. It's simply more organized. ... ... But I can cite no greater crime / Than to sweep at sleeping time / Or to use a schedule different from my own!
    Piglet: Uh, what time is it now, Rabbit?
    Rabbit: Time to sing the chorus, of course.
  • In "Buster's Bath," the characters are trying to get Buster, who Hates Baths, to see that Baths Are Fun. They ask their friends to bring their best bath toys, only for Rabbit to show up with a shower cap, which they note isn't exactly a toy. Rabbit replies that he would never take a bath without one, and besides, baths aren't for having fun, they're for getting clean.
    Tigger: Not exactly the message we're lookin' to send. Next!
  • In "Darby's Super Sleuth Surprise," the Super Sleuths discover Rabbit making pies for a Surprise Party for them, which he excuses as making pies for the winter. They ask if he wants help, but he says that he doesn't. They walk away, discussing how it's odd that he didn't want their help...
    Tigger: Well, you know ol' cotton-bottom. He's the self-deficient type. Ya' know, a real do-it-without-ya kinda guy.
  • In one installment, Rabbit can actually be heard singing "Doing the dishes is one of my wishes."

The 2011 film

  • When Christopher Robin tries telling everyone about Eeyore's missing tail:
    Christopher Robin: Something tragic has befallen a member of our community! I present to you, Exhibit A! [camera pans to Eeyore]
    Kanga: Oh! That is tragic.
  • Eeyore's various replacement tails, which include a weathervane, a chalkboard (with "TAEL" written on it, no less), an anchor, and a paragraph.
  • When all the group but Piglet gets trapped in a hole, Rabbit asks him if he could knot the ropes together.
    Piglet: Sorry, I cannot.
    Rabbit: So you can knot?
    Piglet: No, I cannot knot.
    Rabbit: Not knot?
    Pooh: Whoís there?
    Rabbit: Pooh...
    Pooh: Pooh who?
  • B'loon's appearances just keep getting funnier and funnier because everyone's treating it like an actual character when all it does is float around.
    • Rabbit and Piglet's panicked "Wait! B'loon! Don't leave!" and "You're the only one who can get us out of here!" is particularly funny — they honestly sound on the verge of despair because they think the balloon is deserting them in their time of need.
    • Right after the balloon "deserts" them, Eeyore just says in the most depressed, drawn out and monotone way he can muster, "We're all gonna die", while everyone else just goes silent and looks at him in horror. Rabbit especially is visibly frozen for a few seconds. It becomes even funnier when you realize he just said this in front of a small child (Roo) and when you consider that this is Winnie the Pooh for goodness sake!
    • And then B'loon, despite being a normal, non-sentient balloon manages to end up taking all the credit for finding Christopher Robin and getting the animals out of the pit. And then floats away with the prize honey. What a Jerkass Companion Cube!
      • Icing on the cake: As B'loon floats away with the honeypot tied to its string, Pooh just stares at the scene with a look of total dumbstruck defeat. Then when Eeyore walks up to him, Pooh makes this comment:
        Pooh: Ever have one of those days where you just can't win, Eeyore?
  • When the entire gang (save for Piglet) falls into the Backson pit and Piglet is scared to go into the woods and search for help, Owl flies out of the Backson pit, gives Piglet a speech to send him on his way, and then flies back into the pit. Guess what the gang first mentions to Owl? How good his speech was.
  • Rabbit's horrified expression when Piglet off-handedly produces a rope to rescue the six of them from the pit... and then cuts it into six pieces, one for each of them.
    Rabbit: Why didn't we think to bring a rope?
    Piglet: Well, there is this rope!
    [cue an Epic Face from Rabbit]
  • Eeyore got a lot of funny moments in the movie, but many of them were simply giving flat or wide-eyed looks to the audience.
    Eeyore: Something tells me I was better off with Tigger. *The others throw his anchor "tail" into the pit* Yep.
    • Let's not forget this:
      Eeyore: [singing] Found this anchor over there, now it's on my derriere. Not that anybody'd care.
  • The Stinger. All of it. The Backson was real all along, looks exactly as described... and is picking up the objects left in the forest to return them to their rightful owner before falling into the pit.
    • Not to mention his voice, which is that of gentle and enthusiastic Huell Howser.
    The Backson: Oh my gosh! Is this a pit? I think I'm in a pit!
  • Tigger bouncing B'loon because B'loon was "sneaking up on" Pooh. And the tide turns soon afterward when B'loon "sneaks up" behind Tigger, attaches to him with static electricity, and so on. When Pooh suggests that it seems B'loon wants to stick with Tigger, suddenly Tigger gets excited about the idea of having a sidekick! "But no— what if something happened to the poor guy?"
  • Tigger dragging Eeyore along as his "Tigger 2". The entire sequence. And Eeyore cleverly escapes it by diving underwater and breathing through a reed. Later, while they're in the pit together, Eeyore makes a comment that emphasizes how much he didn't enjoy it (and could even double as an insult, but he didn't really say it in a mean-spirited way):
    Eeyore: The most wonderful thing about Tiggers is... you're the only one.
  • Pooh's hunger-induced auditory, and then visual, hallucinations. What a heck of a Disney Acid Sequence.
  • Owl, Rabbit, Kanga, and Piglet trying to corner what they believe to be the Backson:
    Kanga: Ohh, no, no, nonononoo... [lifts up Roo, grinning ear to ear] I'm with child!
    Roo: [completely deadpan, glaring down at Piglet] Send the pig!
    • And after Piglet faints, Rabbit suggests they all go, but when they hear Pooh, the scared face Rabbit makes is so priceless.
  • During the Backson song, one of Kanga's ideas for a horrible thing the monster does is stealing a person's youth, including an Imagine Spot of the Backson holding a mirror up to her face, where her reflection becomes old and wrinkly. Her resulting scream, and the idea that Kanga may be terrified of old age, is hilarious.
  • The whole "issue" gag between Pooh, Eeyore, and Owl.
    Owl: Yes, well, the thing to do is as follows: First, issue a reward—
    Pooh: Gesundheit.
    Owl: I beg your pardon?
    Pooh: Well, you sneezed just as you were going to tell me what the first thing to do was.
    Owl: I didn't sneeze.
    (Pooh and Eeyore look at each other)
    Eeyore: Oh, you did, Owl.
    Owl: No, I didn't! You can't sneeze without knowing it!
    Owl: As I was saying, first: issue a reward—
    Pooh: He's doing it again. You must be catching a cold.
    Owl: [frustrated] No, no, no! I'm not catching a cold! The word is ISSUE, not AH-CHOO! And 'ah-choo' isn't even a word! It's just some sort of sneezy sound, like 'Ah-choo!'
    Pooh: Perhaps you should lie down, Owl.
    Owl : (Face Palm and falls over backwards) Oh!
  • During the "setting-the-trap" montage, Rabbit surfaces from the water and makes a variety of odd gestures to communicate a plan to Pooh and Piglet. The gestures are funny enough. What really nails it, though, is when Pooh and Piglet (possibly like the audience) don't understand one bit of what Rabbit is trying to tell them. So they just look confusedly at each other and then wave at Rabbit cheerfully. Cue an epic Face Palm from Rabbit.
  • When Christopher Robin returns and reveals that Owl was wrong about the Backson, the others all slowly look at Owl and glare at him. Owl laughs nervously as he realizes his mistake... and runs like hell!


  • For some odd reason, Pooh is characterized as being an absolute jerk in the newspaper comic, saying really mean things to his "friends," and generally acting in a very self-centered manner, and sometimes it's not really clear if it's out of naivete or genuine malice. This leads to a lot of out-of-character moments, and they're pretty funny.
    • August 27th
    Pooh: You take yourself too seriously, Eeyore.
    Eeyore: You mean I should learn to laugh at myself?
    Pooh: Why not? Everyone else does.
    • March 28th
    Pooh: Excuse me,'re sitting in my spot.
    (Panel shows that Pooh and Piglet are in a very, VERY wide open space with plenty of space for Pooh to sit)
    • June 11th
    Pooh: Happy Birthday, Eeyore! We're having a birthday party for you this afternoon!
    Eeyore: Oh no! Why do you do this to me, Pooh? You know how parties depress me. All that jollity and merriment.
    Pooh: We know how you feel about birthday parties, Eeyore! That's why we didn't invite you!
    • June 12th
    Eeyore: How was my birthday party I wasn't invited to yesterday?
    Pooh: We had a lovely time, Eeyore!
    Eeyore: I really don't understand how a sensitive person like you can have a good time at a party. I've never gone to a party in my life that didn't turn out to be boring and depressing.
    Pooh: That's funny, Eeyore, the parties you don't go to are a lot of fun.
    • August 8th
    Piglet: I think brains are more important than beauty.
    • September 29th
    Pooh: You're looking very well today, Tigger! And I'll say the same thing to you, Eeyore. Tigger's looking very well today!
    • September 2nd
    (Piglet stands at Echo Point)
    Echo: Hello!
    Piglet: Hello!
    Pooh: Can't you do anything right?
    • June 7th shows that Piglet can be a jerk back.
    (Pooh finishes some exercises)
    Pooh: Whew! Self-improvement is sure hard work, Piglet.
    Piglet: You should have picked somebody who doesn't need so much improvement.
    • January 26th
    Owl: Pooh, I'm giving a speech at the Owl's Club tonight, and I need to keep track of how long I talk.
    Pooh: I've got just the thing for you, Owl.
    (Pooh hands him a calendar)
    • January 11th
    Pooh: (With his arm in a sling) Piglet, would you mind holding this nail straight for me?
    Piglet: Sure, Pooh.
    Pooh: It's hard to fix things with one hand in a sling.
    Piglet: What happened to your hand?
    Pooh: I hit it with the hammer.
    (Pooh is winding up the hammer, and Piglet has an Oh, Crap! expression)
    • March 5th
    Pooh: Hello, Piglet! I was just about to have my lunch! Come on in! You can watch me eat!