Funny: The Witches


  • Elsie (Miss Sensitivity), while Marlene is crying hysterically.
    Elsie: Is she sober?
    Mr. Stringer: Yes she's sober! I've been with her all aftern... When... I... Uh... I saw her w... Yes, of course she's sober! Don't be stupid!
  • The head chef shouting about a mouse in his trousers.
  • Ms Irvine's magnificent WTF face when she enters the dining room and sees all the mice running around.
  • From the book the Grand High Witch says a hilarious line when one of the witches wonders if they need a potion for each child.
    "Idiots! If you are wanting a steak, you do not cook the whole cow!"
  • A random witch compliments the Grand High Witch's (disguised) new look. The Grand High Witch responds, "You're too kind...I wish I could say the same for you."
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