Fridge / The Witches

Fridge Brilliance


  • The Bittersweet Ending seems rather dour, in that the boy-mouse decides having a shorter lifespan isn't so bad since he can't imagine a life without his grandmother. Then one has to consider that he and Grandma will have full run of the Grand High Witch's castle, which will include access to her money-printing machine. There's hope that in the castle, they can find more formulas, potions and spells, possibly one to change the boy back and to extend Grandma's lifespan. If not, they'll find more ammo to use against witches rather than the mouse-making formula.
  • Grandma sets Mr. Jenkins on GHW as mild revenge, so that Jenkins vows to confront and sue GHW for changing Bruno into a Mouse. Technically, however, she doesn't lie; she tells him GHW changed his son into a mouse, which is true. She also warns him that if he tries to sue her, GHW will probably turn him into a cockroach. Not to mention the amount of evidence is lacking, given the magic and all.
  • Witches seem to have a flair for the dramatic, while wanting to avoid being caught. It seems to be more of a status symbol than anything; the Grand High Witch has the money for bail, and most of the disappearances can't be blamed on mundane issues. It also means that a witch wasn't responsible for killing the boys' parents; the witches would rather have children disappear in obviously supernatural ways rather than Make It Look Like an Accident.


  • At first, there being a witch in the hotel kitchen preparing the witches' food seems like a Contrived Coincidence (just so someone 'good' doesn't accidentally get turned into a mouse) but makes a lot of sense. Of course the witches would want one of their own to prepare their food since there are known witch hunters out there. A witch in a hotel kitchen is also in a very good position for getting to children.

Fridge Horror
  • The likely fate of Bruno Jenkins certainly falls into this category. Considering Grandmamma's opinion is that his horrified parents will take him home and drown him...
  • At least on the witch's side, here is some horror; hotter climates wouldn't allow for them to wear gloves. They would stick out like a sore thumb. So it means that witches in say Cuba wouldn't be able to do a thing. GHW would be furious that some places wouldn't allow for that.
  • Also if you are a witch, you may get fried just for showing up to the meeting and shooting your mouth off. And if you don't shoot your mouth off, or no one does, your leader will find other reasons to burn someone to a crisp.
  • As the boy lampshades when he encounters them, who were the three children that the Grand High Witch turned into frogs, to feed them to the seagulls?

Fridge Logic
  • A minor one, but can't the witches just wear a soft cap in between their wig and their scalp?