Nightmare Fuel: The Witches

  • The Grand High Witch's appearance is horrifying, in all versions. Also, the book invites the young readers or listeners to consider that their teacher — who could be reading the book to them — could be a Witch. It also points out that nice ladies are more likely than nasty ones to be Witches, because they depend on deceit.
  • The various anecdotes about how children are disposed of by the witches, such as trapping them inside paintings or polymorphing them.
  • The Grand High's Witch's plan to murder all the children in England.
  • The transformation scene of Bruno turning into a rat is pretty frightening in itself in the movie version (so much so that most of the scene had to be cut to get a PG rating in the United Kingdom).
  • When the protagonist is caught by the witches. Throughout the scene, he managed to stay hidden and the reader is lured into a feeling of security that he might just get away. Then, suddenly, one witch catches a whiff of him and the rest of the group turns the room upside-down until they catch him. From there, you know it's just a matter of time until something horrible is done to the poor kid.
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