Funny: The Voice

  • During the Season 2 Live Semi-Final Performances, while Christina Millian was interviewing the other contestants, Chris Mann and Erin Willet had an extended photobomb session behind her.
  • Carson Daly's confession in Season 3's Top 4 confessionals, answering the question of "Who from the show would you want to be stranded with on a deserted island?"
    Carson Daly: "He's a man, but he's pretty like a woman."
  • Christina Millian and Terry McDermott's chat about Hobbits, followed by a quick cut to a speechless Carson Daly.
    Terry: "Have you got a little Hobbit in you?"
    Christina: "Not yet!"
  • Kris Thomas' blind audition in Season 4. During his performance, the judges wrongly assume that it was a female especially when he sings a Whitney Houston song "Saving All My Love for You". Once he judges turns their chair , the guys were shocked that it was a dude.
    • The best part is that Shakira turns her chair and completely makes a straight face, knowing that if the secret's revealed, she'll be in trouble.
  • Sometimes when the judges have to fight for a contestant during the blind auditions. In one case in the Australian version, Joel Madden literally goes down on his knees.
    • The coaches often voice their envy over how charming Ricky Martin is and how the contestants would choose him over them for that.
  • Shakira's English to Country Dictionary.
  • Usher saying that Nashville is a state.
    Blake: I can't wait to go home to my home state of Nashville!
  • Shakira comparing a contestant to Margaret Thatcher.
  • Season 4's finale's montage about Shakira's Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness (and the similar one about CeeLo at the end of Season 5).
  • In the UK version, while Kylie Minogue is working with one of her acts, her chair shifts underneath her, which makes a noise that sounds like she was farting. Without even missing a beat, she merely quirks her eyebrows and says "Sorry".
  • In the French version, a contestant begins to speak Canadian-French with coach Garou at the Blind Auditions, making fellow coach Mika utterly confused.
    • Mika getting assistant coach Kylie Minogue to sit on the piano in an attempt to have the male contestants sing directly to her instead of reading the lyrics sheet.
  • A promotional video for the Season 8 finale has Christina pull out her range of hilarious and freakishly accurate impressions of Lady Gaga, Cher, and others with matching costumes.
  • Blake and Adam's rivalry.
  • After a performance of Drake's "Hotline Bling" (which is about a booty call), Blake comments that Gwen sang that song to him on The Tonight Show. Cue Carson, the contestant and the coaches cracking up.