Funny / The Voice

  • During the Season 2 Live Semi-Final Performances, while Christina Millian was interviewing the other contestants, Chris Mann and Erin Willet had an extended photobomb session behind her.
  • After MacKenzie Bourg's blind audition in Season 3, Blake compared him to Harry Potter, while Christina pointed out that she thought he looked like Justin Bieber. MacKenzie's reaction to the latter comparison?
  • Carson Daly's confession in Season 3's Top 4 confessionals, answering the question of "Who from the show would you want to be stranded with on a deserted island?"
    Carson Daly: "He's a man, but he's pretty like a woman."
  • Christina Millian and Terry McDermott's chat about Hobbits, followed by a quick cut to a speechless Carson Daly.
    Terry: "Have you got a little Hobbit in you?"
    Christina: "Not yet!"
  • Kris Thomas' blind audition in Season 4. During his performance, the judges wrongly assume that it was a female especially when he sings a Whitney Houston song "Saving All My Love for You". Once he judges turns their chair , the guys were shocked that it was a dude.
    • The best part is that Shakira turns her chair and completely makes a straight face, knowing that if the secret's revealed, she'll be in trouble.
  • Sometimes when the judges have to fight for a contestant during the blind auditions. In one case in the Australian version, Joel Madden literally goes down on his knees.
    • The coaches often voice their envy over how charming Ricky Martin is and how the contestants would choose him over them for that.
  • Shakira's English to Country Dictionary.
  • Usher saying that Nashville is a state.
    Blake: I can't wait to go home to my home state of Nashville!
  • Shakira comparing a contestant to Margaret Thatcher.
  • Season 4's finale's montage about Shakira's Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness (and the similar one about CeeLo at the end of Season 5).
  • CeeLo telling Olivia Henken he can put her in different positions.
  • In the UK version, while Kylie Minogue is working with one of her acts, her chair shifts underneath her, which makes a noise that sounds like she was farting. Without even missing a beat, she merely quirks her eyebrows and says "Sorry".
  • In the French version, a contestant begins to speak Canadian-French with coach Garou at the Blind Auditions, making fellow coach Mika utterly confused.
    • Mika getting assistant coach Kylie Minogue to sit on the piano in an attempt to have the male contestants sing directly to her instead of reading the lyrics sheet.
  • A promotional video for the Season 8 finale has Christina pull out her range of hilarious and freakishly accurate impressions of Lady Gaga, Cher, and others with matching costumes.
  • Blake and Adam's rivalry.
  • After a performance of Drake's "Hotline Bling" (which is about a booty call), Blake comments that Gwen sang that song to him on The Tonight Show. Cue Carson, the contestant and the coaches cracking up.
  • Bryan Bautista trolling Blake in Season 10 (he said Blake when asked to pick his coach, but clarified that he merely wanted to say something to Blake before picking Christina).
  • Pharrell's reaction to Christina and Kata Hay making out in Season 10.
  • Shi'Ann Jones's blind audition in season 13 is borderline this and Crossing the Line Twice thanks to Jennifer Hudson. She turns her chair literally seconds into the song and then basically threatens other coaches not to turn their chairs. What's funnier is that Blake manages to turn his chair while Jennifer isn't looking.
  • From the Brazilian version: coaches Cláudia Leitte from the standard version and Ivete Sangalo from the Kids version are often compared to each other, as they belong to the same music genre and became extremely successful after breaking up with their respective former groups. Most of the time, it's Cláudia who is compared to Ivete, as Ivete came first. However, at one point during the first Kids season, contestant Larissa Carvalho mistakenly referred to Ivete as "Claudinha" (a pet name for Cláudia), resulting in a flabbergasted reaction from Ivete that achieved Memetic Mutation status on social media. The whole moment can be seen here, starting at the 0:11 mark.
  • At one point during the Season 14 blind auditions Adam rigs his button with a sound bite of Steve Carell's famous exclamation from The 40-Year-Old Virgin, hitting it to mess with Kelly when they're fighting over Alexa Cappelli.
  • Kelly’s exasperated reaction to Blake not knowing who Nefertiti is.