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YMMV: The Voice
  • Accidental Innuendo: Christina telling a contestant she wants to play with them.
    • CeeLo telling a contestant he can put her in different positions.
  • Broken Base: There are a lot of fans of this show who absolutely stop watching the moment the performers hit the live shows. The reason is because at that point, the show stops being about "the voice" and starts being about who the audience likes the most. Since the former is the entire selling point of the show, this could double as a Broken Aesop.
    • It has been noted, several times, that singers who are "special" somehow (such as the blind Rachael Leahcar, the blind Andrea Begley, the aboriginal ZK and the stuttering Harrison Craig) got special consideration for their "courage" rather than their musical talent. In addition, the older, fatter, less attractive contestants often seem to be Voted off the Island first, for some mysterious reason.
    • Big time broken base with which was better, the original coaches or Adam, Blake, Usher and Shakira (see also Seasonal Rot).
  • Creator's Pet: Some people felt that Cassadee Pope from Season 3 was this due to her having received constant praise by all judges, coming in with an already existing fanbase (she was the frontwoman of the pop-punk band Hey Monday), and outlasting several fan favorites.
    • Season 2's Juliet Simms' performances were also praised by all the coaches, she also had a preexisting fanbase and she was also pimped by the show. The difference between her and Cassadee is that in her case the pimping wasn't that noticeable because she was acknowledged by most to be the most (or at least one of the most) talented contestants of season 2 while Cassadee is simply seen by some as the most commercially viable contestant, which was needed after the failures of the first two winners (the complaint about being commercially viable has also been applied to season 4 winner Danielle Bradbery, albeit to a lesser degree).
    • However, both Pope and Simms' bands (Hey Monday and Automatic Loveletter, respectively) were relatively unpopular outside of the pop-punk scene they came out of (Hey Monday had more advantages, such as associations with Fall Out Boy and a song featured on Glee, but neither met to lasting commercial success). As The Voice allows singers regardless of their previous experience, just about any singer that gets through the earlier rounds and has actual experience is going to get harped on some way or another, especially if their initial music industry plans didn't pan out.
    • Season 5's Jacquie Lee was quite clearly Christina's favorite contestant of season 5, despite her loud, screechy voice making her rather polarizing among the fanbase.
    • Investigations into the voting process used in the American series have hinted that it might be her status as a Creator's Pet and not her popularity with the fans that gave Danielle Bradbery her win in Season 4.
    • Season 6's Jake Worthington was similarly polarizing.
  • Elimination Houdini: Rachael Leachar, Andrea Begley, and Harrison Craig were gushed over for their "courage" and their "nobility" because they were disabled more than they were for being talented singers.
  • Foe Yay: Adam and Christina. It got to the point that CeeLo told them to get a room and offered them his place.
    • Tony Lucca and Christina. Most likely because they were part of The Mickey Mouse Club and Tony Lucca was on Adam's team.
  • Glurge: How many times must we hear about Trevin Hunte's music teacher putting him down?note 
    • Or how many times singers like Harrison Craig, Rachael Leachar, and Andrea Begley are "courageous" or have "overcome great odds" or "are showing such determination for coming on the show despite being physically impaired" somehow.
    • The saccharine sob stories of tradgedy were almost wall-to-wall during the first two series of the Australian version.
  • Ho Yay: Christ on a cracker, Adam and Blake. Hell, you could make a Drinking Game out of the number of times those two flirt!
    • Even Usher commented on it after Adam stole a country artist from Blake's clutches. The word "therapy" was used somewhere.
    • It's become a Running Gag for the comedic season finale montages to feature one about Blake's Ho Yay. In the second season, it was about his and Adam's "bromance". The season three montage focused on how he seemed to flirt with everyone, regardless of gender; complimenting the attractiveness of women, men, and himself. And season four went with how Blake/Adam seemed to turn sour (which sometimes came off as Belligerent Sexual Tension) and was possibly threatened by Blake/Usher.
    • Blake kissing Terry McDermott.
    Terry McDermott: I knew it! I knew I'd get a kiss!
  • Hype Backlash/It's the Same, Now It Sucks: Trevin Hunte again. Initially, he was praised for having a powerful "gift" of a voice after doing a couple of "emotional" ballads and was marked as the frontrunner for the competition. So, he sang another ballad… and another one… and another… and another… Considering that other contestants such as Cassadee Pope and Amanda Brown really stepped it up later on in the competition and evolved their styles while Hunte kept doing big ballads over and over again to win over voters, some reality TV reviewers on the Internet have become sick of Hunte making it through week after week with his ballads, especially after his former teammate Amanda Brown was eliminated from the competition. Also, some non-NBC polls on viewers' favorite The Voice contestant to win have consistently put Trevin at dead last on who they're rooting for. Here's one example of both review and poll backlash.note 
    • Just to clarify, he has done more uptempo songs such as "Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves and "Scream" by Usher in order to change things up, but reviewers have also said that he falters on those performances. Thus, he was very reliant on the ballads. He was eventually eliminated in the semifinals, so it did seem like the public got tired of all his ballads.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Many just watch the show because they're fans of one or more of the coaches.
  • Narm: Some countries' version of the theme song had a pause at the end of the line "This is the voice… of [[Country X]]", which sounds pretty hilarious. Sadly, a number of them wised up after the first season and changed it to the generic guitar riff instead.
    • The Voice Australia had an awful habit of exclusively focusing on sob stories and tragic events in the players' past.
  • The Scrappy: Although he didn't make it terribly far, Season 5's Nic Hawk got a lot of backlash for his screechy, pitchy voice. The fact that he won against fan favorite Holly Henry didn't help.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Adam Levine doesn't seem to like how the Instant Save was handled in Season Six, given that it was used to pick from the bottom 4 of 8 and the bottom 3 of 5.
  • Seasonal Rot: Season 4 was criticized for having too many country acts. Individually no one really minded any of them, but because there were so many of them and they lasted for so long (4 of the top 6 acts were country) some people got bored of listening to so much country when previous seasons had been defined by the variety of contestants.
    • Season 6 is widely considered a low point due to the replacement of the Knockouts with a second round of Battles, the removal of voting in the playoffs, an unexpected triple elimination and the producers' seemingly deliberate attempts to sabotage Kristen Merlin.
  • Shocking Elimination: Jesse Campbell, Amanda Brown, Midas Whale, Judith Hill, Sarah Simmons, Holly Henry, Preston Pohl, Clarissa Serna, Dawn & Hawkes, Sisaundra Lewis, Maiya Sykes, Katriz Trinidad, James David Carter, Bryana Salaz, Taylor Phelan, Mia Pfirrman… the list goes on and on.

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