Heartwarming / The Voice

  • Terry McDermott's reaction every time he's surprised by a visit from his family. It's happened three times as of the season 3 final performances - his wife and son, his aunt and uncle, and his dad - and he's been excited to the point of speechlessness each time.
  • The tribute to the Sandy Hook victims. In the wake of the tragic elementary school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, all of the show's singers sang a candlelight version of "Hallelujah" while holding cards with the names and ages of the victims. Simply lovely.
  • Whenever a contestant doesn't get in, one of the coaches (usually Adam) gives them a hug.
  • Australian auditioner Rachael Leahcar turned in a a triumphant rendition of the Edith Piaf classic "La Vie En Rose" that not only convinced all four judges to turn around, but earned her a standing ovation from both the entire audience and the coaches themselves. During the performance, coach Joel Madden can be heard saying "Oh my God, look... people are crying!" But what really warms up the heart and brings out the tears is what happened immediately after. Visibly nervous almost to the point of terror, Leahcar tremulously admits in a desperately eager voice that she has no idea whether or not any of the coaches turned around for her, because she's blind. The judges swiftly let her know that all four turned, and about the reaction of the audience.
  • Another Australian auditioner, Rebecca Davis, worked through a nerve-wracking, quavering, and badly pitchy version of Coach Delta Goodrem's song, "Not Me Not I". None of the coaches turned around, but in the "after-briefing" when the coaches discussed what happened, Delta pulled the crying, obviously terrorized Davis into her coach's chair, and the other three coaches circled around close to talk to her in a much more supportive and intimate manner than they usually do. And then Delta Goodrem and Rebecca Davis duetted on the song, and it was splendid.
  • Danielle Bradbery's performance of "Who I Am", which was specifically chosen as a tribute to her friends & family.
  • Blake personally handing Cassadee her first gold record when she comes back to perform one of her songs.
  • During Sarah Simmons' fourth-season audition, wherein she sang "One of Us", the camera cuts to her family's reaction. Her father, who had been estranged from her for a long while and had only just recently reconciled, stood there with tears in his eyes, saying, "Listen to her..."
  • Welsh singer Ash Morgan auditioned with a cover of the INXS classic "Never Tear Us Apart." He impressed coach Jessie J so much that she not only turned around for him, but left her chair to sit at his feet while he sang. The moment she moved from her chair, he stopped singing to the audience and the other coaches and was singing solely to her and she ate it up with a spoon. According to tweets made by Miss J, she's still friends with Ash Morgan as of three years after his appearance on the show.
  • One of the major factors in Kendji Girac's landslide win in the French version was his image of a humble and bright eyed Romani teenager, who said in interviews that he wishes to show a good representation of his people to counter the bad stereotypes of them.
    Mika: There is an incredibly charming simplicity about him, itís that innocence and instinct that gives him his strength and power.
  • In the Portuguese version of The Voice Kids, during a battle performance, the youngest contestant chokes during one of her last parts. As we were treated to the image of a little girl crying while the other performers contestants their performance, their mentor, Brazilian singer Daniela Mercury, joins the performance during an adlibbed section, encouraging the girl to rejoin the others, and had the band extend the last segment of the song so she can finish on a high note.
  • Cassadee Pope revealing that being on the show helped her reconnect with her estranged father, who left her and her family when she was 11.
  • Team Adam's tribute to Christina Grimmie.