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Awesome: The Voice
  • In the Season Two finale, Team Blake's Jermaine Paul did a smooth performance of the Jackson 5 song, "I Want You Back", with other Season Two fan favorites Jamar Rogers, James Massone, and Pip.
  • In Season 3's blind auditions, a contestant named VJ sang Cee Lo's "Forget You" hoping to win him over. While no one turned around for the guy, it did inspire Cee Lo to sing the song with him. It could also be considered a Moment of Funny because of the way VJ sang it and Cee Lo accidentally singing the actual version of the song for a moment (which was censored of course).
  • Also Season 3, Amanda Brown performing "Dream On" in the first round of the live playoffs. Holy shit can she wail that last part like Steven Tyler.
  • After two seasons of lackluster winners, the moment that the show could finally produce a star came when Cassadee Pope sang Miranda Lambert's "Over You". She remains the only contestant to have a top 40 song not affiliated with the show.
  • For the finale of that season, Kelly Clarkson singing "Catch My Breath" with finalists Cassadee Pope and Terry McDermott, especially seeing her outright cheer on Cassadee and the moment where she holds her smile at the lyrics "You helped me see The beauty in everythiiiing!" She's not the first and most successful international American Idol contestant, let alone winner, for nothing, and it comes full circle here.
  • Kris Thomas with his falsetto singing COMPLETELY fool the male judges in season 4.
  • There was skepticism to NBC playing Follow the Leader to American Idol years after the singing competition craze had died down, with CBS and ABC already having their own failures in that area. The Voice now beats Idol in weekly ratings by several million viewers.
  • Taylor Swift showing up unexpectedly to help Michelle Chamuel rehearse I Knew You Were Trouble. I said unexpectedly because, Usher didn't call her. She just flew in because she heard that Michelle was singing her song.
  • During the blind auditions for the first series of The Voice UK, Alys Williams was so nervous that her voice literally stopped in the middle of her song. The judges nevertheless applauded her for trying, gave her some friendly advice, and complemented her on what they were able to hear. She came back to audition for the second series, and this time, her performance of Mumford & Sons "The Cave" convinced all four of the coaches to push their buttons.
  • The Battle Round competition between Mitchell Thompson and Fatai V on The Voice Australia. Their duet rendition of Rhianna's "Love the Way You Lie (Part II)" is generally considered the greatest contestant performance in the history of The Voice, regardless of series.
  • Every winner has at least one moment.
  • Matthew Schuler's audition. He managed to turn all four chairs within seconds of singing. And while many people cried foul, he managed to prove that he deserved that response.
  • During the first season of the Australian series, Karise Eden's powerful audition (singing "Its a Man's World") not only got all four chairs before the first verse was done, all four chairs turned simultaneously. The coaches then stood in their chairs, slack-jawed in awe of the raw talent pouring out of Eden's voice. One television critic said that, in the first four seconds of her audition, Karise Eden won the competition that year.
    • The very next year, auditioner Imogen Brough caused all four coaches chairs to turn simultaneously when she hit the crescendo of "Never Let Me Go".
  • Second season of the Australian series, Tim Moxley auditions with Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love Is". As he approaches the crescendo, coach Joel Madden says, "He'd better hit that note." And when Moxley not only hits it but rides the wave crest all the way in, the crowd goes wild.
  • Team Adam was near unstoppable in Season 5. Outside of the first round of the play-offs, Adam didn't lose a member until the semifinals where Christina's Jacquie Lee managed to get one of the three slots. The powerhouse trio of reggae goddess Tessanne Chin, eighties throwback rocker James Wolpert, and the genre-hopping Will Champlin maintained the longest streak of no eliminations since Team Blake in Season 3. Speaking of Blake, they receive credit for ending Blake's winning streak (his final contestant, bearded folk singer Cole Vosbury, was eliminated in the semifinals).
  • Team Christina's season 5 medley of Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson songs. Carson and Adam both agreed it was the best team performance in the show's history.
  • Out of Team Usher's original 12 in season 6, ten of them survived the first round of battles, either by means of wins or steals (only country duo Brothers Walker and indie artist Tanner James were truly eliminated).
  • Kat Perkins is officially the first contestant to survive more than a week after being Instant Savedů by being Instant Saved (beating out four four-chair artists over two weeks for the save!). Still, it has to start somewhere.
  • Ruth Brown's triumphant seventeen-second note that got her on Team Tom and earned a standing ovation from the audience.
  • One must pay tribute to one of the first people to ever get four chairs, and the first winner of The Voice, Javier Colon. Even though he's had virtually no commercial success, he's still incredibly talented, and he's still regarded as having one of the best auditions ever.
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