Funny: The Oblongs

  • "Flush, Flush, Sweet Helga"
    • The scene where Debby is handing out fake invitations to her birthday party, But when she get to Milo, he doesn't even get a fake invitation.
    Milo: Just keep moving Blondie, that tricks not gonna work on me.
    Debbie: Like i care. I didn't even make you a fake one.
    Milo: What? Y'know its really not fair that you make fun of some people and not others!
    Debbie: Okay you big baby, you can have hers. (she says giving Peggy's fake invitation to Milo)
    Peggy: Great, now i don't get fake invited?
    Teacher: Debbie, you really should have brought enough fake invitations for all the unpopular children.
    Debbie: Y'know, you try to do something really mean and cruel. And it just gets thrown back in your face!
    • When Helga is stuck in a sewer pipe, her friends try to comfort her by giving her a couple books on tape to pass the time.
    Peggy: Anyway, we brought you some books on tape. This one is really good: it's Mein Kampf as read by Jimmie J.J. Walker.
    (plays the tape)
    Tape : The Aryan Race is Dy-no-mite!
    • Earlier when the Valley people are complaining about the lack of water:
      Anita: We can't shave!
      James: Or shower!
      Nurse Rench: Or void our bowels! Our bowels!
    • When the water goes out in the Valley, it cuts to a scene of Nurse Rench hosing off a pile of very bloody and dangerous looking medical equipment next to some poor bastard in a full body cast. Rench says "Thought I'd never get that splinter out!"
  • From Heroine Addict during Pickles' intervention over her thrill-seeking addiction:
    Pickle: Milo, be a dear and shoot Mommy in the head.
    Milo: Dad'll get mad.
    • The photographer hoping he doesn't get sued for photographing the Oblongs dressed as The Simpsons.
    • A parachuter brags that he's cheating death until he screams that isn't the case once he crashes into power lines, afterwards he's burned to ashes.
  • At dinner Milo is finishing his explanation of what happened during his day.
  • He told our secret!?
    • Really, most of Helga's scenes count as this, from baiting a squirrel into her mouth using an acorn to her self-delusions about her attractiveness and popularity. Also, from "Disfigured Debbie"...
    Milo: Beautiful people are the minority in this school! We have to get to the outcasts, the geeks and freaks, the wimps, the gimps, the simps!
    Helga: Yeah! Kill 'em All!
    Milo: No, no, no, we need their votes.
    Helga: Right, right. Voting good. Killing bad.
  • The aftermath of Biff and Chip walking in on their parents having sex in the kitchen in "Milo Interrupted".
    Bob: I hope Biff and Chip weren't too traumatized by our hot, Dutch love.
    Cut to Biff and Chip in the shower.
    Chip: I still see them!
    Biff: Scrub your corneas!
    Chip: I'm trying!
    • Bob, who has no arms or legs, playing the piano in "Milo Interrupted".
  • This little exchange from "My Name Is Robbie"
    Dusty: What happened to your limbs? You look like a baby sea-cow.
    Bob: A sea-cow? Well, I may not have arms and legs, but I have the one body part that really matters in a man. And it's huge!
    Dusty: I'd like to see that.
    Male lifeguard: Me too. Note 
    • When Biff and Chip meet Dusty the C.J.-esque lifeguard:
    "Dusty? More like "Busty"!"
    "Nice one."
    "I was gonna say "Rusty", but "Busty" just came to me."
    • The ending, where Bob's artifical arms and legs are hijacked by a shark, who runs on land, beats up the beach-goers, and then engulfs the camera. All in the span of four seconds.
  • This bizarre little gem from "Pickles' Li'l Amazons" when Milo (dressed as a girl) tries to sell cookies door-to-door:
    Man: Well well if it isn't Mr. Denzel Washington come back to beg for my forgiveness.
    Milo: ...sir, I'm just a little boy in drag selling cookies.
    Man: This house is made of play dough. I've got four hundred honey bees in the parlor!
    (Pickles and the kids run away in horror)
    Man: Wait! Denzel come on back! Eskimo kisses.
  • In the first episode, Milo tries to see if Yvette is at home, only to get a recorded message from a hologram of Yvette. Seeing that Yvette is his crush and realizing that he is dealing with a hologram, Milo attempts to grope the holograms' breasts, only to be slapped in the face.
  • Milo, to the two bullies: "Everyone says you two have sex with each other!"
  • From "The Golden Child":
    George Klimer: Now, for your entertainment, the comedy stylings of Reynolds from accounting.
    Reynolds: (approaches mic) So-
    (is immediately hit with a bottle from the audience and knocked out)