Funny / The Octonauts

  • When Kwazii told Barnacles how quiet it was in the Octopod and how it made him uncomfortable, Barnacles then asks why they are whispering.
  • Shellington explaining to Peso what a Snot Sea Cucumber is.
  • Kwazii has a fantastic Double Take when a female seahorse tells the Octonauts her male partner is about to give birth.
  • "Faster than you can say... uh, six to eight weeks?"
  • "AAAAHHH..." "Shellington, we stopped. You can stop screaming." "AAAHH!! I KNOW BUT YOU'RE STANDING ON MY FOOT!"
  • In the Pelicans episode, Barnacles sounds the Octoalert as per normal. But...
    Barnacles: Octonauts to the Launch Bay.
    (one montage later)
    Tweak: (Casually munching a carrot) Uh, Cap? We're already in the Launch Bay.
    Barnacles: (looking somewhat sheepish) Uh, right...
    • In fact, this happens a fair bit. Another time was when Barnacles put the marshmallows into the chocolate too early, and Tweak tells him off for it.