Funny / Oban Star Racers

  • Jordan's one and only attempt at flying the Arrow, plus the dialogue that comes afterward.
    Jordan: I've taken lessons. My last flying instructor quit after teaching me.
    Koji: And now he works with small animals.
  • Jordan's reaction to Muir. "Molly! Don't even breathe, runforyourlifewhenIsaygo."
  • Every scene with "Super Racer"!!!
  • Don Wei has an Out-of-Character Moment:
    Jordan: "Who was that guy, Don Wei's friendly cousin?"
    Molly: "That... was Don Wei back to his old self."
    Jordan: "Mmmmm... What?
  • Lord Furter, he once tried to prove his "manliness" and loyalty to his ship by not abandoning it, though at the last moment he chickens out and flees just before it explodes.
  • Jordan is sulking around on Alwas when he is approached by a small alien holding a blue dress.
    Alien Merchant: Look at this dress! It was made for you!
    Jordan: Get lost! I'm trying to be sad!
  • Jordan hurling insults at the other racers from inside his turret. Ondai is a "toaster", and Toros is a Crog.