YMMV / Oban Star Racers

  • Complete Monster: Canaletto is a scheming, self-concerned ex-god who orchestrates the ruinous events in Eva's life to assure his own return to godhood. Formerly the Avatar, Canaletto embarked on an omnicidal, planet-destroying crusade to wipe out all life in the galaxy and restart it according to his flawless designs, before being sealed away by the next Avatar Satis. Canaletto patiently and seamlessly manipulates events in his favor for the next 10,000 years, using Eva as his pawn by causing the accident that killed Eva's mother and fractured the relationship between her and her father, ruining Rick's racing career and murdering his own servant after Rick learns of it, and personally killing Sul to place Eva as the lead of the Oban Cycle. Once he eventually frees himself, Canaletto reduces Oban to a life-deprived desert, before trying to claim the powers of the Avatar. Though Canaletto claims himself as "the Lord of Purity," his definitions of "pure" are twisted, a fact which Satis calls Canaletto out on before Canaletto tortures him to death in fury before moving on to restart his omnicidal agenda. A callous, selfish, and arrogant demon of a deity, Canaletto remorselessly ruins the lives of everyone he manipulates to further his own ascension and spares no pity to the many who ultimately die at his hands.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: At the beginning, when Satis welcomes the Earth Team, Don Wei says he didn't expect the Avatar. The real Avatar? It's not like it's hard to guess or anything.
  • Older Than They Think: The show appears to be the concept of "Podracing" spun out into an anime series, right down to the designs of several of the racers. However, Oban's racers were developed in 1997, two years before The Phantom Menace came out.