Funny / The Last Stand


  • Lewis Dinkum's various antics, especially the Bloody Hilarious taking out a guy with a flare gun.
    • Not to mention the telephone pole incident.
  • Old innocent-seeming Mrs. Salazar blasting a mook right out a window with her rifle for trespassing.
    "Put the hurt on 'em, Ray!"
    • Later on, when she's talking to the FBI:
      (indignantly) "That's why I shot him!"
  • "How are ya, Sheriff?" "Old"
  • The Brick Joke of "Well, next time don't park it in the fire zone."
  • When Ray and the Big Bad are racing through the cornfield, they get split up, stop their cars, and there's a tense moment where they both sit and wait, trying to figure out where the other is. Then it cuts to a wide shot, showing that they're maybe ten feet away from each other.
  • At the end of the film, Ray is driving what remains of the Camaro back to town, with Cortez tied to the rear bumper, hopping along on one foot because he's had his own dagger jammed into his leg.