Funny / The Last Stand


  • Lewis Dinkum's various antics, especially the Bloody Hilarious taking out a guy with a flare gun.
    • Not to mention the telephone pole incident.
  • Old innocent-seeming Mrs. Salazar blasting a mook right out a window with her rifle for trespassing.
    "Put the hurt on 'em, Ray!"
    • Later on, when she's talking to the FBI:
      (indignantly) "That's why I shot him!"
  • "How are ya, Sheriff?" "Old"
  • The Brick Joke of "Well, next time don't park it in the fire zone."
  • When Ray and the Big Bad are racing through the cornfield, they get split up, stop their cars, and there's a tense moment where they both sit and wait, trying to figure out where the other is. Then it cuts to a wide shot, showing that they're maybe ten feet away from each other.