Funny / The Last Starfighter

  • The moment when Alex realizes he's trapped in a fast-moving car with a man he thinks is completely insane. (he doesn't know the half of it).
    Centauri: (cheerful singsong) That's why I'm not gonna tellll youuuu...
    Alex: Oh God.
  • Louis' disgusted reaction to Alex and Maggie snogging: "Diarrhea!"
  • "Back to sleep Louis or I'm telling mom about your Playboys!" ...and (repeat).
  • Between Grig, Beta and Centauri, quite a few, the crown jewel being:
    Alex: It'll be a slaughter!
    Grig: That's the spirit!
    Alex: No, my slaughter! One Gunstar against the armada?!
    Grig: Yes, one Gunstar against the armada. I've always wanted to fight a desperate battle against incredible odds!
    (Alex just sits there, looking absolutely incredulous)
    • Also, this exchange:
    Grig: I'll have it all figured out by the time we reach the Frontier...
    (Alarm beeping as Grig's face drops)
    Alex: What's that?
    Grig: The Frontier.
    • Not to mention when Alex finds out he IS the Last Starfighter.
    Alex: How many [Starfighters] are left?
    Grig: Including yourself?
    Alex: Yeah?
    Grig: One!
    Alex: ONE?!
    (As the ship takes off, Alex is soundlessly ranting inside his helmet, his words drowned out by the engine noise. One can only imagine what he was saying...)
  • How about:
  • "Come in, Centauri, come back here, and take your Tonka toy with you!"
  • Everything that happens with the Beta Robot, back on Earth. Test audiences liked the comedy of embarrassments Beta was enduring so the film-makers added more scenes.
    • For instance, there is Beta repairing his detached head and dealing with Alex's brother ("You're having a terrible nightmare. Go back to sleep.") just before he sees (to his pained consternation) an assassin landing. Then there's Beta finally giving up and telling Maggie that he's an android, a claim proven moments later when he's shot, revealing his circuitry and squirty innards. His only reaction is a casual "See?" before he gives chase to the shooter.
  • What did Beta do to Maggie to cause her to slap Alex next time she saw him? She stuck her tongue in his ear, and he freaked out.
  • Beta eavesdropping on Jack Blake and using him as a role model for how to talk to Maggie. Comparing her to Venus seemed to turn her on. Saying the other girls didn't mean anything to him, not so much.