Awesome / The Last Starfighter

  • When Beta steals Jack Blake's truck and blows it up in order to prevent the Xandoxan from warning Xur about Alex.
    Beta: You owe me one Alex.
    • Also a bit of a tearjerker Because #1) He dies and #2) When Alex shows up again later, he only mentions Beta briefly as an afterthought. That's cold.
      • Alex didn't know - Maggie was the only witness to said sacrifice, and she hadn't had a chance to tell him yet.
  • "Death Blossom", weapon of last resort.
  • Watching the Ko-Dan warship crash into the green moon of Galan and explode, awesome!
    Kodan Officer: We're locked into the moon's gravitational pull! What do we do?
    Commander Kril: We die.
  • After Grig plots a course back to Earth to take Alex home, Alex stops him and tells him that there may be a Starfighter left after all.
  • There is also the GunStar's intial attack on the Command ship. With a quick pass, it destroys the ship's vital communications turret and disengages while launching a quad salvo of guided missiles that strike the ship with a perfectly tight box formation.