Fridge / The Last Starfighter

  • Fridge Brilliance: Grig obviously knew Centauri wasn't dead, but used his death as motivation for Alex. Sly old lizard.
  • Could also count as a Funny Background Event: during the opening shots of the trailer park, a radio is giving the morning news report and mentions strange lights in the sky, leading to the conclusion that it's a UFO report. Doubles as Fridge Horror when, later in the film, Grig mentions that the Star League isn't due to contact Earth until it matures, leaving one to wonder if it's the Ko-Dan preparing for an invasion.
  • Fridge Logic: If the game was delivered to Vegas as Centauri intended, he likely wouldn't have been able to find the player he needed. Fate indeed.
    • True, but there would have been many, many more people who would have a chance to play the game, giving a bigger chance of finding someone with "the gift". Considering humanity's amazing ability to deal death, putting a game on Earth was bound to result in recruiting a great pilot sooner or later.
    • Also, it's not the only Starfighter machine (or having a "world record" would be meaningless.) While this machine went to a trailer park, other machines probably went to New York, Tokyo, and so on.