Trivia: The Last Starfighter

  • Acting for Two: Lance Guest plays both Alex and Beta, who show up together on screen a few times.
    Beta: Wait a minute, what are you doing back?!
    Alex: Are you kidding? It's war up there!
  • Actor Allusion: Robert Preston essentially plays an alien version of Harold Hill from The Music Man.
  • The Danza: If you listen real carefully, there is exactly one scene in the entire movie where Mrs. Boone is referred to by her first name, Bunny, which is the same first name as the actress who plays her, Bunny Summers.note 
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: You can be forgiven for not spotting that either Wil Wheaton or Marc Alaimo, later Wesley Crusher and Gul Dukat respectively, pop up in The Last Starfighter. Wheaton's on screen very briefly chasing after Louis and gets billed as "Louis' Friend" and Alaimo appears as a hitchhiker who winds up as the Xandoxan's first victim.
  • What Could Have Been: Atari did develop a full The Last Starfighter video game and cabinet, but it was never released to the public.