Funny / Star Wars Paranormalities Trilogy

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     Episode I 
Chapter 1: Five Years Later
  • After Zolph cuts off Admiral Gravlek's limbs and triggers a Dead Man Switch that blows up the Conqueror's engines and sends the ship on a collision course with Acropolis Station, Zolph not only reacts with utter bafflement at the idea of the engines seemingly blowing up at random and vital-triggered bombs, but also questions the physics of how an engine explosion would propel the ship towards Ithor's gravity well... before remembering that the laws of physics in his universe aren't always consistent.
  • While escaping the Conqueror, as Zolph steals a Valkoran Firaxa fighter, he carries over the earlier nod to the laws of physics by praying that it doesn't break just to screw him over (a light-hearted jab to the changing incline physics of the Invisible Hand falling towards Coruscant despite having artificial gravity).
    Zolph Vaelor: "Come on, physics, don't fail me now."

Chapter 4: Demon of Tatooine

     Episode II