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YMMV: Star Wars Paranormalities Trilogy
  • Ass Pull: Lampshaded by Zolph in the epilogue of Episode I, when Maesterus reveals that he is a distant ancestor of his. Maesterus points out that he would have told him sooner had Zolph just cooperated with him. This is also an aversion at the same time, as this was hinted at several points throughout the story, even justifying a bit of the Foe Yay going on between him and Maesterus.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Grein describing one of her part-time jobs on Sleheyron to Hiriss, and Zolph's reaction to it.
    • Some of Will Helms' deaths fall into this territory. On one instance, R9-C4 tore out his spinal cord and beat him to death with it, and he was still alive to experience it. Under normal circumstances, being alive after having your spine torn our would be horrifying. But since the possibility of it (and that of death by astromech droid) is so ridiculous, it ends up being funny instead.
    • While Masochus is usually an abhorrent monster prone to experimenting on people, creating an Army of the Dead by killing Lieutenant Helms over and over again and using his corpses is too brilliant to be disgusted at.
  • Foe Yay: Maesterus seems quite obsessed with Zolph. May have to do with the fact that he's actually Zolph's distant ancestor.
    • Understandably plenty of this between Zolph and Dynn, considering they were already an item before she defected to the Valkoran.
    • There's also a bit of this between Zolph and Neur.
  • Fridge Logic: Lampshaded early on when Zolph wonders why someone would invent life sign-linked bombs, when he inadvertently puts the ship he's aboard on a collision course after cutting Admiral Gravlek's limbs off.
  • Growing the Beard: To an extent, the early chapters were almost script-like instead of actual prose. This was eventually remedied by Chapter 7 of Episode I.
  • Iron Woobie: Despite the hell Zolph Vaelor has gone through, he still manages to push forward, even after being nearly suicidal.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Gestroma. The only reason he's a psychopath bent on wiping out humanity in the first place was that the Empire abducted him from his family, mutated him and made him insane, and then destroyed them with the Death Star.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Has it's own page.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Doctor Thilid, a crazy Quarren scientist and interrogator with the Valkoran that likes to eat people's brains. Zolph kills her shortly after she is introduced when she tries to pull Menbar's brain out through his nose.
  • The Woobie: Zolph Vaelor. Not only did he lose both his parents when he was 13, but he was forced to kill Dynn Manthis - his love interest - after she was hijacked by her replacement arm, and he's been suffering a huge amount of psychological trauma as a result of this incident.

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