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[[AC: Chapter 1: Five Years Later]]
* After Zolph cuts off Admiral Gravlek's limbs and triggers a DeadManSwitch that blows up the ''Conqueror'''s engines and sends the ship on a collision course with Acropolis Station, Zolph not only reacts with [[BigWhat utter bafflement]] at the idea of the engines seemingly blowing up at random and vital-triggered bombs, but also questions the physics of how an engine explosion would propel the ship towards Ithor's gravity well... [[LeaningOnTheFourthWall before remembering that the laws of physics in his universe aren't always consistent]].
* While escaping the ''Conqueror'', as Zolph steals a Valkoran ''Firaxa'' fighter, he carries over the earlier nod to the laws of physics by praying that it doesn't break just to screw him over (a light-hearted jab to the changing incline physics of the ''[[Film/RevengeOfTheSith Invisible Hand]]'' falling towards Coruscant despite having artificial gravity).
--> '''Zolph Vaelor:''' "Come on, physics, don't fail me now."

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