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Funny: SCXCR
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     MGP/SC On... 
  • His John Madden impression in the Shenmue review has to be seen to be believed.
    • His constant jokes on the oddly named martial arts move "Pit Blow", culminating in:
    "Is Ryo Hazuki gonna have to Pit Blow a bitch?"
  • "So they cast a comedian as the lead role for a game from a franchise that, even at the time, was known for laughably bad voice acting... I just thought I'd bring this up now, so you can understand why, whenever time the game tries to have a serious moment, I just imagine the lead character doing this." *cut to Patrick Harlan riding a quad and performing tricks*
    • Also from the same review, his rage-filled rant on the game's numerous plotholes. Made even funnier when he pauses halfway through to compose himself, only to be interrupted by his own voice-over who continues ranting in his place.
  • When zombie Santa Claus appeared in Zombie Panic in Wonderland. Followed by the drama-llama hitting the wall.
  • A rather unique Glitch in Red Steel occurred accidentally after passing a certain checkpoint, where the main character bent his left arm over his shoulder, bodies start hitting the floor through the ceiling, and... to simply put: Total Chaos followed by freaking out from SCR, an audio track, and the Wii itself.
    • In the same review, Mr. Game Player made a remark about fighting a Power Ranger. Then the theme song plays...
      • Followed by Seppuku with the Wii-mote after that revelation.
  • Subtitle: "Tough Luck Bitch." Get it? It rhymes with Pitch!
  • How part five of the Shenmue video ended with Mr. Game Player discovering that something actually happens in the game, followed by gleefully running out of the house.
    • ...and gets hit by a car in a later video.

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