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Funny: Rebuild of Evangelion
  • Mari's comment about the 12th angel, near the end of 3.33: "Besides, after defeating the last angel we don't know what kind of evil could appear. Are you not worried?". It's hilarious on a meta level, given how ridiculously elaborated the apocaypses can get in this franchise.
    • Some translations make her say "Besides, I'm curious to see what will happen once the final Angel is destroyed.", which makes the scene less funny and more ominous.
  • The last line of the trailer for 2.0: "Oh, and lots of fanservice!"
  • When Kaji gets a little TOO close to Shinji, the scream is heard down the hall by a few other people.
    • There's also Shinji's startled reaction to Kaji holding a drink by his face.
  • Shinji and Asuka discovering Pen-Pen in the shower. Complete with straws and toothpicks.
  • The shell casings of the chaingun that Unit-01 uses on the fifth angel raining down on and crushing a car was somehow very funny when looked on from a More Dakka perspective.
  • The kids decide to head to the aquarium (conveniently shaped like the Tree of Life). Since Second Impact, a massive red tide has poisoned all of Earth's oceans, so the aquarium has very strict measures about sanitation. Everyone basically has to go through a hyper washing machine, getting tossed around and scrubbed raw.
  • Rei says Good Morning. The entire class flies into a panic.
  • Unit 02 does a highly-complicated acrobatic maneuver, lands feet-first, and sends Misato's car flying arse over tit in the process. While Misato and Shinji are still inside.
    • And the car gets stopped by Unit 00's foot.
  • You will not be able to take Sahaquiel seriously if you have seen the "Double Rainbow" version of it on Youtube prior to watching the real version.
  • Toji being chased by Pen-Pen when he takes Rei's (unwanted) meal.
  • Kaji's Gratuitous English in the prologue of 2.0 was just rolling on the floor funny. Watch it here.
    • The other guys in the control room are like "What the *** did I just hear?" And their faces are priceless!
  • Almost every fucking Shinji/Kaworu scene in 3.33, where the dialogue sounds suspiciously like a yaoi.
  • Toothpicks. Funny when they happen to Shinji. Funnier when they happen to Asuka.
    • Even funnier is the odd thought that Misato has never had a straw with her beer before...then you see that it's for Pen-Pen! The penguin drinks too!

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