Funny: Puyo Puyo

  • Puyo Puyo SUN, Arle's scenario, VS Witch. Lesson: Never sleep on a tree alongside other sleeping people.
  • Masked Satan's appearance in Puyo Puyo TSU, combined with how Satan is trying to enforce himself as an entirely different person. Other versions of the game have you fighting Santa instead.
  • Arle's encounter with Schezo in the original game's CD remake is damn funny too, specifically the extended version when played on Hardest. Schezo says his (always misunderstood) Catch Phrase, but Arle completely misinterprets it as wanting something...more than that, turning red and saying she's not a lady yet and her heart's not ready. The funnier part is that all of the sexual implications fly way past Schezo's confused head. Is he sexually oblivious? Maybe.
  • In Puyo Tetris, Arle loses track of Satan and proposes to find Schezo for help. Instead of looking for him, she makes him come to her by calling him a pervert at the top of her lungs, knowing all too well he doesn't like that. IT ACTUALLY WORKS.
  • Also in Puyo Tetris, Arle, strengthening herself to be able to travel through space time, is required to pick an opponent. The problem is...Schezo, Rulue, and Satan begin to argue on who gets to play against her. How do they settle it? ROCK PAPER SCISSORS. The result? Schezo wins and is Arle's opponent, and we get a jealous Satan.
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