Awesome Music / Puyo Puyo

For a puzzle game, you'd be surprised how good some of the tracks are!
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     Puyo Puyo 1 
  • The first Puyo game graced us with Final of Puyo Puyo, the track that plays with your showdown with Satan...or your showdown with player 2 as it was used as the 2 player theme in Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine.
  • The first game also gave us Memories of Puyo Puyo, a recurring song passed down from its ancestor game, Madou Monogatari. It's seen use as the Stage 1-8 intro theme, a shorter cut was used as the password entry screen in Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine.
    • It was given a 'Euro version' remix in Puyo Puyo DA! and was used for Rulue's stage in that game.
    • It's even used as a dungeon theme for Waku Puyo Dungeon.
    • After a long time, the song returns with a brand new remix in 20th anniversary.
    • And it's rearranged once again for Chronicle, serving as the theme of the final area, Tower of Color (with some Fever 2 rifts thrown in!).
  • Another iconic theme is the theme for Puyo Puyo, the original game's levels 1 to 8 music. However, it's better known as Arle's theme, Jikuu wo Koe te Hisashiburi, or, in English, 'It's Been A Long Time Since We Travelled Through Space-Time!' It has very basic vocals by Arle Nadja herself, and acts as her leitmotif. Notably, Arle seems to not really have STOPPED travelling through space-time...
  • Rounding off the stage themes is the Sticker of Puyo Puyo, in its original incarnation, Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine's Exercise theme, or the Request from Puyo Puyo variant in most recent modern games. A fast, pumping song that inspires you to take on the next four opponents, hone your Puyo skills in the hopes of stopping Robotnik, or just all around have a good time.

     Puyo Puyo 2/Tsu 
  • Tsu's Area C tune is a great build up, as you ascend closer to the final area.
    • This track, like Satan's before it, as remade as Witch's theme in 20th Anniversary named "Darkness of Puyopuyo 2". Still just as great!
    • It doesn't stop there either. What if you take this tune, and have Witch sing to it?
  • Tsu's Last Area track, which also got remastered for 15th (and 20th) Anniversary right here!
  • Two different versions of Area B exist: the original version, which is more fast paced and pumps you up, while Super Puyo Puyo 2 has this mix instead, a jazzier and more calm variant.
  • In a humorous bit of Irony, one of the best songs in the game is a song that isn't even from the original versions! The cutscene music is only in the versions which have them to begin with, and despite the Long Song, Short Scene issue, it's still a great song with an even greater remix in Puyo Puyo 20th Anniversary and Puyo Puyo Tetris, where it gets to play for much longer.

     Anniversaries (15th and 20th) 
  • The Fever music from 15th Anniversary. Whoever decided to have this music on all the time for Endless Battle mode wins an internet.
  • 15th Anniversary also gave us Rulue's theme, titled Combat queen Rulue! A fitting theme to say the least. And Rulue sings to this song. Rulue is the only character to sing from their 15th theme.
  • 20th Anniversary's Fever theme is also great. Those who are faithful to the games may recognize where the original tune came from. It also serves as the opening theme for the game.
  • Pervert or not, Schezo's theme in 20th, "The Gorgeous Man who Defile the God", is seriously amazing.
    • His voice actor Masakazu Morita is no stranger to character songs, and it certainly shows in the vocal version.
    • His theme in 15th, fittingly titled I want you!...r power! is also amazing.
  • 20th anniversary introduced the 'Pair Puyo' mode in which you worked with a teammate to defeat the other team, when either team is on one life, this plays as the 'Danger!' theme.
  • 20th anniversary had a 'Last' story, after going through 7 stages, you finally meet up with Ecolo and Satan, and as Ecolo gloats about his plans, you have this playing in the background.
  • Final Pair Deathmatch! from 20th Anniversary. It's a perfect theme for fighting Satan and Ecolo.

  • Four words: Fun Puyo Puyo Hell!
  • Last Decisive Battle from Yon deserves a mention too. One final showdown to decide who becomes the true Arle to this track? Yes please!
  • Popoi's theme and Strange Klug's theme. Two epic final tunes while battling the Big Bad of Fever and Fever 2. Klug's theme in 20th anniversary, titled Nebula Step! has a section that's actually a remix of Strange Klug's theme. You can listen to that section here.
  • Rising Comet, Lemres' theme song is a great listen too. This might be the reason why he didn't get a theme change in 20th Anniversary. Oh yeah, Lemres sings to this song too. You can check it out here.
  • Dark Arle's theme in 7. It sets the tone perfectly for a battle with one of your best friends who is possessed.
  • Ecolo's theme again, in 7. It's a badass track for fighting the mastermind behind the entire plot.
  • Faceoff in Puyopuyo World! ~ Magical Confrontation! from Puyo Puyo Tetris is a rocking battle theme that plays during one of your battles against Ecolo at the end of Chapter 5, as well as during the Puyo Puyo section of the swap battle against Ex during the final stages of Chapter 7.
  • Korobeiniki from Puyo Puyo Tetris. Yes, The Tetris theme in Puyo Puyo.
  • The final battle in Puyo Puyo Tetris. It's a wonderful end to your adventure.