Awesome Music / Puyo Puyo

For a puzzle game, you'd be surprised how good some of the tracks in the game are!

  • The first Puyo game graced us with Final of Puyo Puyo, the track that plays with your showdown with Satan.
  • Tsu's Area C tune is a great build up, as you ascend closer to the final area.
    • This track, like Satan's before it, as remade as Witch's theme in 20th Anniversary named "Darkness of Puyopuyo 2". Still just as great!
    • It doesn't stop there either. What if you take this tune, and have Witch sing to it?
  • Tsu's Last Area track, which also got remastered for 15th (and 20th) Anniversary right here!
  • Last Decisive Battle from Yon deserves a mention too. One final showdown to decide who becomes the true Arle to this track? Yes please!
  • Popoi's theme and Strange Klug's theme. Two epic final tunes while battling the Big Bad of Fever and Fever 2.
  • Rising Comet, Lemres' theme song is a great listen too. This might be the reason why he didn't get a theme change in 20th Anniversary.
    • Oh yeah, Lemres sings to this song too. You can check it out here.
  • The Fever music from 15th Anniversary. Whoever decided to have this music on all the time for Endless Battle mode wins an internet.
  • 20th Anniversary's Fever theme is also great. Those who are faithful to the games may recognize where the original tune came from.
  • Pervert or not, Schezo's theme in 20th, "The Gorgeous Man who Defile the God", is seriously amazing.
    • His voice actor Masakazu Morita is no stranger to character songs, and it certainly shows in the vocal version.