Awesome Music / Quake

The Quake soundtracks are what happens when you ask Trent Reznor, Sonic Mayhem and Front Line Assembly to work on your game.

Quake I

Trent Reznor himself did the soundtrack for Quake I. Given the game's Gothic Horror tones, the music is much darker than the games after, but no less awesome for it.

Quake II

  • Courtesy of Sonic Mayhem:
    • Operation Overlord, an instrumental mid-tempo demanding a rap over it about how awesome the Earth marines are and how screwed up the Stroggos will be.
    • The suffocating low-tempo March of the Stroggos.
    • The rocking Quad Machine, known for being the Attract Mode theme (and thus an unofficial Quake II main theme)
    • The extreme rocking of Descent Into Cerberon, an especially badass way to kick off the game. It says a lot that the numerous cover versions on YouTube are overwhelmingly equal to the original, at best.
    • From the Mission Packs, the vertiginous and changing ETF.
  • Rob Zombie did the second half of the music in the Quake II intro, which is a whole load of awesome in itself.

Quake III: Arenanote 

  • Courtesy of both Frontline Assembly and Sonic Mayhem, also carried on to Live:
    • Frontline Assembly's "Deathmatch", the industrial bombardment you'll be hearing across many maps, and for good reason.
    • Sonic Mayhem's "Quad Damage" a.k.a. the main theme of Team Arena and the theme of the final battle against Xaero. It takes a bit to start, once it starts it takes you through an Industrial Metal rollercoaster ride.
    • Sonic Mayhem's "Fraggot" ("Fuck U Up!" in the Quake III Arena Noize soundtrack), another track which starts slow then builds up until it explodes.
    • Sonic Mayhem's "Rocket Jump" ("Digital Distress" in the Quake III Arena Noize soundtrack), the calm and pulsating theme associated with the space maps thanks to q3dm17, a.k.a. The Longest Yard.
  • Sonic Mayhem also released an album called Quake III Arena Noize featuring several tracks which apparently were made for the game but were never used nor included, such as: