Trivia / Quake

The series in general

  • Dueling Games: With the Unreal series. Especially, Quake III Arena vs. Unreal Tournament, (being the ultimate cause of Internet Backdraft in the PC Gamer (UK) forum of that time) and to some extent, Quake II vs. Unreal.
    • The original game also dueled with Duke Nukem 3D.
      • The lead-up to the original Quake was long and arduous; gamers stood on the precipice of the first significant evolution of their genre. Some months before that was to happen, Duke Nukem 3D was released with its pseudo-3D graphics. Though from a technical standpoint, it would be eclipsed easily by Quake'', it would endure due to its "real world" setting and, of course, Duke himself.

Individual Games