As expected from a generally light-hearted and wacky series, there's bound to be a bunch of these moments.


[[folder:Puyo Puyo]]
* Arle's encounter with Schezo in the original game's CD remake, specifically the extended version when played on Hardest. Schezo says his (always misunderstood) CatchPhrase, but Arle completely misinterprets it as wanting something...more than that, turning red and saying she's not a lady yet and her heart's not ready. The funnier part is that Schezo stares blankly, complete with a nose drip and his sword getting droopier as she rambles on.
* In the final cutscene, leading to the match against Satan, he tries to make an epic entrance... which gets completely blown when Arle calls him [[AccidentalMisnaming Santa]].

[[folder:Puyo Puyo TSU]]
* [[PaperThinDisguise Masked Satan's]] appearance, combined with how Satan is trying to enforce himself as an entirely different person. In some versions, he even spells his name out loud in kana to point that out to Arle, who never buys it and keeps demanding him to take off the mask.
* In the [=PlayStation=] version's Rally mode, [[ if you battle Satan]] instead of Masked Satan, he will be dressed as [[IncrediblyLamePun Santa]][[note]]Bonus points for being a BrickJoke to the first game[[/note]]. Arle goes full ColorFailure when that happens, ''then'' {{Face Fault}}s when Carbuncle steals Satan's gifts.
* Similarly, in Rally mode's battle against Schezo, Arle immediately calls him a pervert. When Schezo demands to know why she said that, Arle keeps calling him that way, and the word "pervert" that appears over Schezo's head somehow lands on his head as if it were tangible. Schezo throws a fit and shoves it off, and tries to be intimidating to Arle... only to discover she was ignoring him the whole time. Schezo goes ColorFailure as a result.

[[folder:Puyo Puyo SUN]]
* Really though, it's harder to find what ''isn't'' funny in ''SUN''.
* Draco's story:
** [[ VS Skeleton T]] Skeleton T is just enjoying some tea, until Draco breathes fire on his pot and evaporates the tea, needless to say, Skeleton T was NOT happy.
** [[ VS Harpy]] After finding Harpy on the ground, Draco give her some water, Harpy then decides to sing a song...and destroy Draco's ears.
** [[ VS Choppun]] A high tide surprises Draco, and the wave that Choppun starts to surf on carries Draco away, leaving a funny background moment.
** [[ Ending]] Once you get past the blatant fan service, Draco finally gets to sunbathe...and gets sunburnt so much she gets launched into space.
* Arle's story:
** [[ VS Draco]] Arle finds a sunburnt Draco on the ground, upon seeing Arle, Draco challenges her, but immediately falls back down because she feels dizzy. If you went to Normal right after clearing Easy, then this scene happened almost ''immediately''.
** [[ VS Incubus]] Incubus asks Arle on a date, and not only does he get rejected, his makeup starts running because he is sweating, warranting an "Oh shit!" from him.
** [[ VS Kikimora]] Walking along the path, Arle notices Kikimora 'spring cleaning.' After trying to walk past, Kikimora trips her up, give her a lecture, then runs around with Arle on the end of her mop. She's basically ''[[VisualPun mopping the floor with her]]''.
** [[ VS Nohoho]] Nohoho is eating some curry, when spots appear all over him, he deduces he is allergic to curry. This freaks Arle out and sends her into a frenzy of itching herself.
** [[ VS Kodomo Dragon]] Kodomo Dragon claims to have found an 'unusual insect.' Arle looks around, asking where, only for a net to go over her head and Kodomo Dragon stating he 'caught the insect.' Arle is, understandably, angry.
** [[ VS Witch.]] Lesson: Never sleep on a tree alongside other sleeping people.
** [[ VS Zoh Diamaoh]] Zoh hates the heat so much, he '''burns a hole through the ground.''' leaving Arle to panic and scream 'It's a natural disaster!'
** [[ VS Honeybee]] Arle notices Honeybee just in time to avoid the 'Assault from the sky', but Honeybee then repeats the phrase multiple times while chasing Arle around in a circle.
** [[ VS Lagnus]] Lagnus is poking at a Puyo with his sword before plunging his sword into it, gaining some EXP to 'Level Up' into his adult form...only for his pants to fall. It's worth reminding that this was Lagnus's ''first'' appearance in the series. There's also the weirdly funny irony in Arle telling him that Puyo don't like to be bullied...when they're popped en masse as spell fodder in matches.
** [[ VS Rulue]] Rulue is actually nice to Arle... until Arle requests Rulue to take her to Satan's castle. Rulue then asks Minotouros (who's keeping her cool by waving a leaf at her like a fan) to dispatch of Arle, he blows Arle away with the leaf...right into Rulue and they go flying to the ocean.
** [[ VS Schezo]] Arle immediately starts teasing a sunburnt Schezo, quickly enraging him and causing him to flail his sword wildly at her.
** [[ VS Satan]] Arle questions Satan about why he made the sun large, he misinterprets it as his plan to attract girls already working. Arle immediately launches 'Fire' and set him alight, making him jump around like crazy as Arle threatens to 'burn him until he's as dark as a grilled fish.'
** [[ Ending]] Arle switches off the sun-enlarging beam, and the sun is back to normal. Carbuncle comes in, fires his laser, and the sun is large again...way to go.
* Schezo's story:
** [[ VS Witch.]] DUEL OF PERVERTS! At least, that's what Schezo calls it.
** [[ VS Zoh Diamaoh]] Zoh finally gets out of the hole he burned in Arle's story. Schezo, completely freaked out by this, calls him a demon, which makes Zoh mad (again) and makes him burn ANOTHER hole in the ground, taking Schezo with him and '''setting him on fire!'''
** [[ VS Honeybee]] Honeybee launches another 'Assault from the sky' and stabs Schezo in the back of the head. The stab doesn't go unnoticed, but because he doesn't realize where Honeybee is, he brushes it off as his imagination, and walks off...with Honeybee still stuck to his head.
** [[ VS Lagnus]] Lagnus tries to launch an attack on Schezo, but misses and turns back into a child. Schezo absolutely relishes in his misfortune, causing Lagnus to throw a tantrum.
** [[ VS Rulue]] Rulue, sunbathing, immediately assumes Schezo is looking at her, and calls him a pervert. Schezo manages to ignore her and walk by, prompting confrontation from Rulue, only for things to get awkward when Rulue assumes Schezo's gay.
** [[ VS Arle]] Of course, any time Schezo gets to Arle, he has to mess up his words and be called a pervert. Schezo gets mad enough to the point where he starts swinging his sword wildly.
** [[ VS Satan]] Schezo burns a bald spot onto Satan's head. Satan's reaction is priceless.
** [[ Ending]] After breaking the sun enlarging device, Satan sneaks up behind Schezo and beats the crap out of him. Schezo is having none of it, complete with a fourth-wall break.
--> '''Schezo:''' We're at the end but what's with this ending!?

[[folder:Minna de Puyo Puyo/Puyo Pop]]
* Arle, everywhere from being a DeadpanSnarker to catching up to every character's RunningGag, such as Kikimora's tutorials or Zoh Daimaoh's YouShallNotPass. This goes UpToEleven in the overseas version's english cutscenes (Which are different from the japanese version's)
--> '''Incubus:''' Hey! I just want to get to know you! What's your sign, baby?\\
'''Arle:''' Octagon. As in "stop".
* In the final story mode location, Arle encounters the typical final enemies she's always encountered... until halfway-through, where she encounters '''[[JokeCharacter Skeleton-T]]''' of all characters, who states he's become much more powerful... even though his AI is literally the same as before, the only difference being the drop speed. It's so unexpected it's difficult not to laugh.
* The story mode involves Arle collecting pieces of a MacGuffin. When Satan gives her the final piece and she completes it, she realizes it's a ticket for two of a spa. Arle promptly throws it (And Satan's hopes) away, when she states she has no one to go along with.
** There's also an alternate ending if you collect all the collectibles in the area. Satan discloses what the runes are made of: [[spoiler:'''CURRY.''' Arle instead breaks it in pieces, releasing the suppressed scent, and deciding to head home to cook some curry. It's implied she cooked with it!]]
* The credits sequence has Arle cooking up a plate of curry for Carbuncle. He wanders off as the credits scroll...only for him to trip and spill his plate on Satan (who's still in a pile of Puyo) at the end.

[[folder:Puyo Puyo Fever]]
* [[ At the end of the WakuWaku Course]], Accord congratulates Amitie on finding her flying cane, and suggests Amitie should get the reward, Amitie, trying to be humble, claims she doesn't have to, so Accord leaves without giving Amitie the reward, leaving Amitie lost for words.
* [[ At the end of the HaraHara Course]], Raffine asks Ms. Accord for her prize, Accord asks her to turn around and close her eyes, when she does, Accord pulls out a giant hammer and whacks her on the head, then steals her catchphrase "Oh la-ti-da."

[[folder:Puyo Puyo Fever 2]]
* Amitie's [=WakuWaku=] course:
** [[ VS Frankensteins]]. When Amitie notices their challenge, she complains about how it's a '2 on 1 fight', she then goes offscreen and comes back carrying Dongurigaeru on her head, claiming to be 'long lost brother and sister' and she dubs him 'Ribbitie'. Clearly, the Frankensteins don't believe her. Dongurigaeru sighs, jumps off Amitie's head and rolls away, leaving Amitie pleading for him to come back.
** [[ VS Lemres]]. Poor guy does not realize how creepy offering candy when you are a complete stranger for her looks like. There's also the fact Lemres only bothers to ask Amitie if she's from Primp [[ ''after'' she defeats him]]. Lemres asks her to bring him to Ms. Accord, which she does... by dragging him to her.
* Sig's [=WakuWaku=] course:
** Overall, Sig's HairAntennae. When they twitch, they basically cause anyone to drop whatever topic they were talking about. Oniko (Onion Pixy's girlfriend) [[ falls in love with Sig]], which creeps Sig out and makes Onion Pixy mad, [[ Rider gets curious]] and wants to know more about them, which Sig misinterprets as wanting a Puyo battle, and Arle gets briefly [[ frozen by the sight]].
** [[ VS Lemres]]. The latter greets him, but Sig tries to leave. Lemres stops him, and asks Sig if he's lost. When he says so, Lemres has an "I knew it" moment... because he's also lost, and asks Sig if he's from Primp. After confirming he comes from there, Lemres asks him if they could go there together... but Sig tries to leave again. Lemres stops him again and challenges him to a Puyo battle. Sig beats him, and [[RuleOfThree is about to leave]], when he reads the note Ms. Accord gave him at the beginning - he realizes Lemres is the person Amitie has been looking for. So what does Sig do? Patch him up and head back to Primp... [[RunningGag leaving him behind]].
-->'''Lemres:''' Why, hello there.\\
'''Sig:''' Bye there. (Attempts to leave)
* The three [=HaraHara=] courses have something in common: The fact that the BigBad, Strange Klug, is of no importance for the three main characters, especially [[ Raffine]] and [[ Sig]], who literally take his items and leave him behind (At least Amitie learns from Lemres that he is in possession of Klug's body). Strange Klug practically begs them to defeat him for real, but he is ignored, and the only reason he gets trapped in his book again is because of the ContrivedCoincidence that Amitie, Raffine and Sig were after the three items that powered his possession up. It goes along with the fact that ''no one'' bar Lemres (And Amitie, but only because of the former) notices Klug is NotHimself.
* Amitie's [=HaraHara=] course:
** [[ VS Klug]]. Klug tries to explain to Amitie about Lemres, so he gives her a magazine that has an article about him. All of a sudden, Amitie blushes at the fact Klug reads "that kind of book"[[note]]Klug describes the magazine as being one "for adults"[[/note]]. Klug gets embarassed and angered at the fact Amitie was reading "the wrong page".
** [[ VS Oshare Bones]]. Amitie points out the fact the skeleton that tries to give fashion advice [[GoingCommando wears no pants]]. Oshare's reaction is priceless, going stiff and falling over, getting back up in the same pose, and screaming in a high pitched voice challenging Amitie to a puyo battle. Also funny is Amitie's expression at the beginning of the scene, it's as if this happens almost every day and Amitie has gotten tired of it.
* Sig's [=HaraHara=] course: [[ The ending]]. After Ocean Prince picks the Lantern of Star and becomes a dolphin again, he goes to the beach with Sig and frees him from his servitude. Ocean Prince then goes underwater and jumps a few times across the sea... [[GainaxEnding and gets eaten whole by a whale]].
--> '''Sig:''' Oops.

[[folder:Puyo Puyo 7]]
* During Episode 18 and 19, Ringo is confronted by Maguro and Risukuma being controlled against their will. Should you select Satan in these cutscenes, Ringo deals with forcing Satan to do it for her. He wants ''none'' of it.
--> '''Satan:''' (vs Maguro) Hey! Go fight your own battles!
--> '''Satan:''' (vs Risukuma) Will you cut that out already?!

[[folder:Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary]]
* In the final battle in Lemres's story mode, after fighting sweets withdrawal symptoms, he ends up in the cave Schezo is hiding in. For the latter's disgust, Lemres discovers the cave's secret kitchen, and a wedding cake Schezo was preparing, eating it whole. Lemres's reaction to finding the cake is what sells this scene:
--> '''Lemres''': Cakey... cakey... cakey cakey cakey cakey cakey... CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYY!!!
* Yu & Rei VS Ringo. The latter's [[WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes freakout]] upon [[ finding the]] [[ ghost twins]] [[ is huge]].
* Schezo's story is basically everyone coming across his cave to annoy him (Ranging from Klug trying to take some crystals to Sig causing a mess to find a bug), then stopping Satan by sheer coincidence.
* Klug's story. In the first match, he finds a potion on the ground and promptly drinks it up, to the dismay of Witch. After that, Klug gets into a drunk-like state and starts annoying everyone, up to and including taking off his clothes in front of Feli (Who, for the first time, is the one that gets freaked out).
* Feli VS Ocean Prince. The latter tells Feli he's trying to find a hiding place to avoid his pursuer, and he manages to find one... [[AccidentalPervert under Feli's skirt]].
* Draco's story involves her attempt to reach the beach and find "an awesome swimsuit" Arle told her about. From that onwards, [[NoSenseOfDirection Draco]] continuously gets lost and hurt along the way, until she reaches the beach... where she finds out that swimsuit is being worn by [[{{Squick}} Suketoudara]].

[[folder:Puyo Puyo Tetris]]
* Ringo's constant forshadowing, such as in the prologue, where Ringo says she wouldn't mind if something unexpected happened, such as her friends[[note]]Arle and Amitie[[/note]] fell out of the sky, and right on cue, Arle and Amitie arrive, even Ringo says "This feels like...Blatant forshadowing!"
** T does this to a certain extent, after the report, he claims 'Something should have happened by now' and right on cue, there are crashing noises, with Ringo shouting "BAD NEWS!"
* Obviously, everything has to happen just after T makes a report saying 'There is nothing to report.'
* J & L listing all the pranks they've done to I. [[ It's a lot of pranks.]]
* After ending up in the Tet-Ship, Arle is cornered by Z. When she's saved by Ringo, Arle tells her Z was trying to teach her how to be a proper girl. [[ She isn't THAT kind of girl.]]
* [[ T finding J&L]] before they can do any mischief.
-->'''T:''' TARGETS LOCATED!!\\
* [[ T's quirky remark about S.]]
* [[ After Lemres reveals that two individuals]] [[note]]Satan and Ecolo[[/note]] were seen while Primp Town was being flooded with tetriminos, Arle and Ringo complain about "that rotten pair" being at it again. L and J arrive believing ''[[IResembleThatRemark they]]'' [[IResembleThatRemark were that "rotten pair"]]. And then they complain when T tells them he's not talking about them.
* T gets his first taste of sweets [[ and Lemres just gives him more and more.]]
* Arle blames Satan for causing all the events to happen, [[ Satan's reaction to]] [[ it all is hilarious.]]
* [[ Sig]] during his confrontation with Raffine, especially after Amitie arrives.
** After Amitie and Raffine battle, and the latter is no longer mind-controlled, Amitie [[WeWantOurJerkBack is glad Raffine is back to her usual levels of meanness]]. Raffine gets offended by that statement.
* Shortly after arriving to Primp Town, Klug appears, running away from Feli, who is mind-controlled... but no one (Except for Lemres) notices there's anything wrong with her because they are used to her being creepy.
** [[ Klug gets into an argument with Feli.]] Ruining the moment between Lemres and her.
** The many ways Ringo refers to Feli:
-->'''Ringo:''' You there, person who's 5 times scarier than usual!
* After arriving to Primp Town, Arle loses track of Satan and proposes to find Schezo for help. Instead of looking for him, she makes him come to her by [[ ''calling him a pervert at the top of her lungs'']], knowing all too well he doesn't like that. '''It actually works'''.
** Later, when Schezo manages to prove that Satan had nothing to do with tetriminos flooding Primp Town, [[ Arle and him try to snap Rulue back to her senses...]] [[BerserkButton by chanting Satan's name]]. Once she's back to her senses, Rulue challenges Arle to a Puyo battle anyways. Arle thanks Schezo for his help... [[ButtMonkey by leaving him alone to endure]] [[WallOfBlather Rulue's speech about what she loves of Satan]]. And the one moment Schezo [[CutenessProximity is distracted by Onion Pixy, Oniko and Dongurigaeru]], Rulue gets offended and challenges him to a Puyo battle. Even when being the OnlySaneMan, Schezo is given no breaks.
** It's also funny how even though they're mad at each other (a perfect setup for a puyo match), the game gives you a solo challenge as Schezo.
* Satan is angry at T, as he thinks T caused Arle to think he caused all the trouble, but the moment Arle shows up, [[ He immediately calms down]].
-->'''Arle:''' Sorry about earlier! It was just a misunderstanding!\\
'''Satan:''' ''(Happily)'' Okay, sure!
** [[ Ringo and T's reaction is pretty funny too.]]
* To strengthen herself to be able to travel through space time, Arle is required to pick an opponent. The problem is...Schezo, Rulue, and Satan begin to argue on who gets to play against her. How do they settle it? ROCK PAPER SCISSORS. The result? Schezo wins and is Arle's opponent, and we get a jealous Satan.
-->'''Arle:''' Why can't you all get along...!?\\
'''Satan:''' Alright...prepare yourselves...Rock-Paper-Scissors GO!
* As a CallBack to ''20th Anniversary'', while Ringo is trying to imagine an opponent, she accidentally thinks of [[WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes Yu and Rei]]. [[ Her freakout is even bigger this time.]] Later, and thanks to being in a chamber where imaginations take physical forms, [[ she asks Risukuma if she can dissect him.]]
* After Satan and Ecolo save the day, Arle tells Satan how 'he's really made her happy.' [[ Satan's reaction is amazing]]
-->'''Satan:''' An honest smile from Arle... ''(Ominously)'' Priceless...!
* Satan (The NiceGuy that is constantly mistaken for a CardCarryingVillain) trying to teach Ecolo how to be popular. And Ecolo constantly calling Satan an old guy.

[[folder:Puyo Puyo Chronicle]]
* Recruiting Schezo in this game is a particularly humorous chain of events. [[spoiler:You find him in a treasure chest. Again. Just like Puyo BOX.]]

* Meta example, the guy who wrote the details on the English Puyo Tetris website left a couple of tongue-in-cheek jokes:
** In the Challenge page, the Sprint mode description says you "[[Memes/SonicTheHedgehog Gotta go fast]] to get a better time!".
** On the Online page, the Replay section screenshot shows one replay, published by someone under the name of "[[VideoGame/DoctorRobotniksMeanBeanMachine Dr_Mean_Bean]]" .
* In Puyo Box, Arle finds Schezo sleeping on a bridge with no easy way to get him off (serving as the roadblock until you clear the first boss). What does she do to clear the way? ''Scald him with hot tea.'' Schezo frantically hops around and throws himself into the river, never to be seen again... [[spoiler:But in actuality, he's one of the penultimate bosses. And you fight him when he's only in his underwear because his clothes are hung to dry!]]
* In the LightNovel ''Satan's Space Amusement Park'', Arle, Amitie and Ringo are roped into a Beauty Contest with Draco and Witch for a stamp for their rally card. Everyone gets dressed up, but... are in outfits you wouldn't expect from a typical contest.
** Amitie: [[spoiler:CosmeticCatastrophe.]]
** Ringo: [[spoiler:Maiko. In an attempt to highlight Japanese elegance.]]
** Draco: [[spoiler:Animal costume. And this is coming from someone that does this constantly.]]
** Witch: [[spoiler:Punk rock style. Complete with ChainedByFashion.]]
** Arle: [[spoiler:Nothing. She didn't dress up. '''She wins.''']]