Funny: Napoleon Dynamite

  • In one scene, Napoleon tries to convince a kid that Pedro will protect him as president after he was bullied at his locker. The next scene has the same bully trying to steal the same kid's bike, but is stopped by Pedro's cousins in their Cool Car with "Vote 4 Pedro" plastered on the side, and all they have to do is shake their heads. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome.
    • In the Spanish audio track, when one of the cousins shakes his head at the bully, there's an "uh-uh-unh", which is also golden.
  • The part where an entire school bus full of children pull up to Nepoleon's house right as a farmer shoots a cow in the head. Cue screaming from all the kids.
  • Kip attempting to demonstrate the strength of the Tupperware he's trying to sell.
    • Made funnier by the fact that the bowl was supposed to survive Kip's stress test; the bowl exploding took everyone by surprise and they decided to Throw It In.
  • Napoleon throwing the grapefruit at Rico's van, and Rico's shriek at it.
  • Rico claimed that he could throw a football a quarter mile (1320 ft., ~402 m). He sees Napoleon biking down the road and sees an opportunity to show of his throwing ability. He takes Kip's steak and throws it at Napoleon. His throw is horrible and weird, but he hits Napoleon in the face.
    • Kip's reaction: "That's what I'm talking about."
  • The reactions from LaFawnduh's family at her wedding to Kip. One relative can only shake his head in disbelief.
    • Even better when she says "I do." Someone just face palms.
  • The crotch zapping time machine.
  • Doubles as Awesome: Napoleon's dance near the end.
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