Funny / Nanny McPhee

  • The cook's continuous (and rather futile) insistence that the children can't come into the kitchen because she has it in writing!
  • "Pleased to meet you. I'm Oglington Fartworthy."
    • "That is "F,A,R,T. FART-worthy."
  • From the sequel: Celia and Megsie have to work together to prevent Isabel from signing the farm over to the uncle without letting on that the Disappeared Dad may be alive before proof is in hand. It's not the Bavarian Fire Drill that follows (with Celia going Eek, a Mouse!! like crazy), it's Celia trying to instruct the Megsie's next move while still screaming.
  • The following exchange in the first movie, between Selma Quickly and her friend.
    Mrs. Quickly: "...What do you take me for, some common-" *cut off as she hears a knock at the door*
    Friend: Tart?
    Mrs. Quickly: No thanks, I'm bloated.
  • This bit of Getting Crap Past the Radar, when Mrs. Quickly meets with the Brown children after she thinks their father just wanted to ravish her.
    I know what he wanted, and it wasn't marriage! No wonder there are so many of you.
  • The children manage to keep their Great Aunt Adelaide from taking one of them by passing off the scullery maid, Evangeline, as one of their siblings, so she could be raised and given an education and the actual siblings wouldn't be broken up. At the end of the movie, Mr. Brown and Evangeline finally admit their love for each other and agree to marry. In the midst of the congratulations, Great Aunt Adelaide gives a horrified cry of "Incest!" This then leads to Mr. Brown having to explain to the priest that no, Evangeline is not actually his daughter.
  • "Come on, Simon. Bowling practice!" Said while Mr. Brown is holding a violin like a cricket bat and his son is preparing to throw a small cake.
  • After continually startling Mr. Brown by appearing behind him from out of nowhere ("I did knock") Nanny McPhee then appears in the kitchen while Ms Blatherwick is cooking. The cook turns to spot her...and instead of being startled, casually gets on with what she was doing.
  • During the rude-name scene, Eric calls himself Sandra.
    • And later in that scene, Christianna declares herself Bum, but Sebastian says "I'm Bum!". Chrissie changes her ID to "bosoms", but Agatha says "Bum!" Christianna, having been through this before, says "YOU can't be Bum, Aggy. Sebastian's Bum. You're Poop." Aggy says "Poop bum". Sebastian says "You can't be Poop AND Bum!!"
  • When McPhee says "Do they go to bed when they're told?" and Cedric Brown says "No, no, no, no! Good grief! What a suggestion!".
  • When Sebastian says "That was my idea! I mean, my fault." he was talking about the worms he put in a sandwich to scare away Mrs.Quickly.
  • The children imitating Mrs. Quickly during the cake fight.
    • And during that scene the model of Mrs.Quickly gets flung off the cake.
  • "Behave!", "Beehive!"
  • When the kids are pretending there are bees at the wedding, Mrs.Quickly says "Do you see any bees?" Mr.Brown replies "I do!" and slaps her in the face.
  • The dancing donkey.
    • Made even funnier by the fact that Great Aunt Adelaide thought she was a human.
    • "I'm going to put MY best clothes on ... the pig!"
  • Mr. Brown trying to protect Mrs. Quickly from the pranks his kids were playing, including a toad in the teapot, worms in the sandwiches, an arrow on the chair, electric wires on the doorknob and a custard pie catapult.