Awesome / Napoleon Dynamite


  • The final scene where Napoleon uses a dance routine to win Pedro the school president election. This is further emphasized by the fact that the audience within the movie itself erupts into thunderous applause.
  • Napoleon's fight with Uncle Rico. After Rico told Deb that Napoleon said she'd look better with breast implants and has been a general prick the entire movie, Napoleon throws a grapefruit at his van (and at Rico himself!), before actually getting out of Rico's grip and fleeing. Also counts as a Funny Moment and Mundane Made Awesome.
  • Pedro's cousins coming to the rescue of the bullied kid.
  • Rex showing up to defend his wife. It's implied that he gives Uncle Rico the ass-kicking he's been earning the whole movie.
    Rex: C'mere, boy!


  • The state of Idaho passing a resolution honoring the filmmakers for portraying Idaho so positively.