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Funny: Muv-Luv
Whether its once in a while or more often than that, reading the Muv-Luv series of Visual Novels will make you chuckle at the least. Place those moments here.
  • "You're not gonna get any stupider so don't worry. You're the most expensive idiot, human technology could assemble!" -Shirogane Takeru, 12/30/2001
  • UN Undersecretary Tamase's visit in Unlimited and Alternative.
  • Even though it happens fairly often, you can't help but giggle every time Sumika beats the crap out of Takeru.
  • Ayamine is pretty much made of this in all her non-serious scenes, especially when trolling Takeru or ruffling Sakaki's feathers.
  • Yuuko generally has one or two of these moments, mostly in Extra but once or twice in Unlimited and Alternative. Generally having to do with costumes, either the ones she dresses Marimo in, or her own ridiculous Christmas costume in Unlimited.
  • Unlimited's But Thou Must "choice" during the Game Guy scene.
    1) Anyway, make something up!
    2) I've gotta make something up!!
    3) Make something up even if it kills me!!!
    4) Just make up some kind of excuse already!!!!
    5) Anyway, I've gotta make up some kind of excuse even if it kills me!!!!!
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