Tear Jerker / Muv-Luv

You'll be feeling the same way as Meiya, too.

As an Utsuge, the Muv-Luv series of Visual Novels has a lot of scenes which can have you getting teary-eyed, at the least. Especially with Alternative, you'll shed tears, rage and salute, most likely all at the same time.

  • The ending to Unlimited. Just, wow. At the end of a Christmas party at the end of the 24th, the squad is told that they had been participating in a plan known as Alternative IV, which is never elaborated on, and which had failed, much to the entire bases dismay. The new plan is Alternative V, which takes a leaf from Battlestar Galactica's book: Take a hundred thousand of the best and brightest humans and establish a colony, leaving the earth... and the countless millions still on it... to the BETA. Takeru has a chance to go with them on the last shuttle leaving earth. He refuses, instead adapting the special ID card for boarding to accomodate his love interest at the end of the game. When she finds out about this, she tearfully asks, begs Takeru to reconsider and join the colonists. The player has only two options: first, to snap the ID card in half, allowing Takeru and his LI to stay and face certain destruction together, or second, to insist that the LI goes, as proof of Earth's existence, and Takeru's. All that's left for them is one final goodbye... which, due to complications, they never get. Yeah.
    • To make everything even worse, The reason Takeru even has an ID card at all is because Meiya arranged to sacrifice her own ID card, making this ending particularly tragic if Takeru chose Meiya as he did in the manga.
  • Sumika's tearful, desperate (and doomed) assertion that she'll never lose the memories she has of Takeru in the Extra branch of Alternative. Made more poignant by the fact that she already knows she is losing memories, and has been re-reading her journals in a bid to stave off the memory loss.
  • Almost every death in Alternative due to the nature of them but the death's that stand out most are the deaths of the Operation Cherry Blossom team which consists of the main heroines from Extra, sacrificing themselves to buy Takeru time while admitting to each other that they loved him.
  • When BETA Superior demands to see proof that humans are a form of life, and consequently unveils Miki's upper torso—her remains after being crushed by a Destroyer class.