Funny / Monster High

  • From Ghoulia's diary: her wonderfully sarcastic mock-letter directed at a Teen Monster magazine's advice column.
    Dear Relationship Know-It-All,

    I am totally head over tombstone with the most engaging zombie boy, but I am too nervous to talk to him. Please send me your most generalized reply with a solution so diluted that it has no possible application to my current situation.


    Thoroughly Flummoxed in his Presence
  • In one webisode, the gang finds Cleo polishing her fearleading trophies and sobbing.
    Clawdeen: I never thought I'd find Cleo like this.
    Frankie: Crying?
    Clawdeen: No. Cleaning.
  • Abbey has some of the funniest lines in the webseries and specials.
    (winning an arm wrestling match against a giant) Abbey: Ha! Am winner! In your grills!
    (Breaking up a fight between Draculaura and Howleen) Abbey: Enough! You are like baby yaks at meal time. NYEEEEH!
  • In the webisode "Creepfast Club", Mr. Rotter (the Dead Languages instructor) sentences the gang to detention to try to get one of them to confess to causing the latest bit of mischief.note  Cue the mistaken confessions.
    [Clawdeen is in the confession seat.]
    Clawdeen: I'm tellin' the truth. My brother did eat my homework.
    Rotter: [exasperated] NO!
    [cut to Heath in confession seat]
    Heath: Is it because I burned my book?
    Rotter: No.
    Heath: Burned my locker?
    Rotter: No.
    Heath: [counting off his fingers] The bathroom? The theater? The pool?
    Rotter: No, no, and NO! [beat] did you burn a pool full of water?
    Heath: [shrugs] It was an accident.
    Rotter: NO!
    [cut to Draculaura sitting on desk]
    Draculaura: And then he was all like, "You know?" and I was all like "Whatever!" and he was all like, "For real?"
    Rotter: [holding head] I have no idea what you're saying, but no.
    [Draculaura shrugs and hops off desk.]
  • Escape from Skull Shores was pretty funny, especially Gil's reluctance about entering the sea. A highlight includes:
    Lagoona They're leaving. Now's our chance, let's hurry!
    Gil: Good idea, I don't wanna be in the sea any longer than I have to.
    Lagoona: *Glare*
    Gil: Whales go to the bathroom in here, Lagoona!
  • Werewolf families are weird.
    Clawdeen: Tomorrow we're supposed to go visit grandma at the farm we sent her to last year.
  • In Ghouls Rule, when normie Claire sees a picture of Holt:
    Claire: Hm. He's kinda cute.
    Lilith & Jackson: Ewww.
    • Even the villain gets one at the end where we see him using a laser pointer on Toralei as if she was a normal house cat.
  • One of Lagoona’s lines (also in Ghouls Rule) was unintentionally hilarious to Australian viewers. When describing the male ego to Abbey, Lagoona avoided the typical Monster High descriptions of something related to either fear or fish. Instead, she said “their egos can be as fragile as a kookaburra egg.” Not only did Lagoona reference a bird, it’s not a real Australian saying. While Monster High characters making up phrases is pretty commonplace, it’s funny to see one so out of the usual style.
  • Frankie going full-on Mad Scientist in "Home Ick" is hilarious, as is Jackson as her Igor (including almost throwing out his back carrying a heavy sack).
  • The end of the webisode "Honey, I Shrunk The Ghouls"
    Mr. Hack: That's it! Detention for the lot of ya!
    Various students: What? Who told?
    Giant spider: Wasn't me.
  • In Haunted, when Sirena sics Vandala's pet cuttlefish Aye on Porter for ratting out the ghouls and Spectra to Principal Revenant, causing Spectra's capture... he just slaps Porter's ankles. The ghouls enthusiastically cheering him on really makes it.
  • In "Freak Du Chic Act 1", after Frankie suggests a fundraiser to save the school arts programs:
    Torelei: Eww! What's this...positive...flowery feeling I'm having inside?
    Jinafire: I think it means you agree with Frankie.
    Torelei: I don't like it!

Boo York, Boo York

  • The sections with Abbey and Ghoulia following the "comet" (spaceship actually) are generally adorable. But then there's Manny and Heath, who see hacked satellite footage showing a comet hurtling towards the planet... and they think it's a videogame and hijack the computer. And they generally help, too!
  • Nefera's reaction to Toralei losing the Comet Crystal to the ghouls and jeopardizing her plan.
    Nefera: THEY WHAAAAT ?!
  • When the ghouls are stuck in blackout-induced traffic and running out of time to get to the gala, Catty takes inspiration from Seth and states they'll have to travel like mummies. Deuce's interpretation of traveling like a mummy is very funny.
  • Abbey thanking the ghouls on the phone for unwittingly giving her and Ghoulia a clue on how stop the comet from crashing into Boo York.
    Abbey: Thanks for helping, Ghoulia will fix everything. World not be destroyed...this time. Bye now!