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Headscratchers: Monster High
  • Four different continuities? Really, Mattel.
    • Maybe it would just be easier to say "No Continuity."
      • The diaries, webisodes & tv special seem to all fit somewhere in the same general idea/universe, the book though is just the series In Name Only
      • Don't Forget that the webisodes have Negative Continuity too (like Lagoona being a cheerleader in early shorts)
      • It is possible that Lagoona was only auditioning. However, since she is the one who lets Frankie on the team, it seems less likely.
      • Mattel has since fixed this. The first book series was always a separate canon, season 1 and New Ghoul @ School have been retconned out save for small references like Draculaura having once dated Heath, and Canon Welding has made the diaries, season 2 and 3, and all the other specials into a cohesive series. Everything that has come out since has been part of that canon as well.

  • Why does everyone seem to think Lagoona is the daughter of the Creature from the Black Lagoon? She's just the daughter of sea monsters. Gil, her crush, is OBVIOUSLY the Creature's son.
    • Oh, and Cleo's parents are never named. She's just the daughter of the Mummy.
      • It has more to do with iconic monsters from old film. Lagoona's name is a reference to Creature from the Black Lagoon. Sea Monster is just too vague. We'll have to wait for more information on Gil before we treat him like Gill-man's son. For Cleo, it's somewhat implied to be Imhotep. I think the series is more or less a Shout-Out to old monster movies in general.
      • Actually her father has been named Ramses De Nile. He's even going to make an appearance in the movie Ghouls Rule.
      • Gil looks more like the Creature than Lagoona, and the titular Mummy of the old movies had his name changed in the sequel to Kharis. I know my Universal Horror, thanks.
      • Just about every old movie sea monster looked the same. While they might be ripping off the Gill-man design, Gil represents the rather generic look that these sea monsters have. Heck, by that argument alone we could say plenty of the other background sea monsters in the webisodes could be Gill-man's kids as they also look more like him than Lagoona.
      • I've always thought that Lagoona was the daughter of the Loch Ness Monster. But in a recent webisode it states that Lagoona is a Salt-water monster. So no lake based monsters.
      • It has been explained in Lagoona's newest diary that her mother is an Ocean Nymph. She is the first known mixed monster.
    • Gil is the son of Abe Sapien.
      • That's exactly what I thought!
    • Officially Jossed: a recent webisode showed that both of his parents are gigantic featureless sea slugs. Only that raises the question of how two giant sea slugs have a son who is not only humanoid, but has the features of a fish.
      • Maybe he's adopted?
      • Slugs? I thought they were like Krakens and we were watching only one of their tentacles each. They spit ink. Maybe Gill’s species is more humanoid when is very young and became big and monstrous with time like Father Dagon and Mother Hydra (parents of the humanoid Deep Ones) in Lovecraft’s lore.

  • Little bout of Fridge Brilliance. In Heath's debut webisode Draculaura keeps swooning over him, but in his later appearances she doesn't appear to like him as much. Why? Because at some point she probably realized what he meant with "You look horrible! ...I like that in a girl!" and dumped him for being too narcissistic.
    • I really don't think that's the case. Heath still pursued Draculaura until Clawd took interest in her. He is going after Abbey in the diaries. Tell me if I'm getting this wrong, but it sounds like you think Heath only took interest because he will look better by comparison?? He's full of himself, but not that full.
      • I prefer a simpler explanation: She went out with him, saw what a tosspot he was, and declined to continue dating him. Recall that in the webisode where Heath challenged Clawdeen to a race (which took place between his debut and Draculaura falling for Clawd), she clearly wanted nothing to do with him.

  • Holt's face tattoo. . . It's silly, but Jackson and Holt share all other body modifications. So how does Holt have the facial tattoo but not Jackson? Is it actually just make up or something?
    • Holt has never referred to his facial mark as a tattoo. It is probably another part of the transformation with the blue skin and flaming hair.

  • If Clawdeen and her siblings are werewolves, how come they're always wolves? Aren't werewolves humans who only transform into wolves under certain phases of the moon?
    • In this universe, werewolves and other werebeasts are essentially hybrids. The full moon does make the werewolves unruly and even more wolf-like. The real life answer is probably just aesthetics and the doll line would stick out with a character that doesn't resemble a human so easily.

  • Is there any evidence whether Frankie is made from dead people or not? In the original story Frankenstein couldn't use dead people, in at least one remake he used dead body parts.
    • I think you're mistaken. In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (the book, not the adaptation with Robert De Niro), Victor Frankenstein specifically mentions that he cannot bring CORPSES back to life, but he does get parts from slaughter houses and morgues. But to answer your question, it is never explicitly mentioned if Frankie was made in the same way, although the fact that she is very clearly made from sown-together parts might suggest it.
    • I can't speak for the dolls/webisodes, but in the books, Frankie's dad explains that he made her parts himself. Exactly what they're made out of isn't specified, but it's implied to be artificial, not made from actual dead people.
    • Well, she CAN detach body parts without bleeding, and can even remote control her own hands. Whatever she's made from, the separate parts to seem to be able to exist split from the whole.

  • So exactly how long does Duece's stoning last? One webisode has him mention that it'll wear off quickly, a later one shows that he accidentally stoned his pet dragon and only knows it'll wear off on a future anniversary of the day of the accident, and the recent television special had him state that there's no way to determine how long until it wears off. So which is it?
    • There's no way of knowing, but the rule of thumb for Deuce is 24 hours.
    • Fridge Brilliance if you think about it. Duece was just a child when he accidentally petrified his pet; in real life the bite of a rattlesnake is deadliest when it's very young, before it learns to control the dosage of its venom.
    • Or he's learned to control it better since then.

  • Why did they give Draculaura two beach-themed dolls? Why not give a character like Spectra(who currently only has one doll while Drcaulaura has 6 other dolls not counting Gloom Beach and Skull Shores) one instead?
    • Ghoulia and Frankie are in both Gloom Beach and Skull Shores. In the trailer for the Skull Shore specials, we do see Clawdeen and Cleo are wearing new outfits as well, so they might even get a short SS release. As to why Draculaura for her 'special treatment' in getting two beach outfits, she is the most popular character amongst the demographic.
    • I just blame Executive Meddling as always.
    • She is getting a 3rd, with the 2013 beach line.

  • Why do so many people take Spectra's account of Toralei's history as being canon? Beyond the usual bit of Fan Dumb at play, it seems a lot of MH fans accept Spectra's film without questioning it. Do they forget-
    • Spectra is known to get info completely wrong.
    • The webisode claimed that Toralei and the werecat twins are all orphans. At the very least, the twins' diary says numerous times that they still live with their parents (can anyone with Toralei's diary confirm if it also says she lives with her parents?).
    • Toralei merely said she liked the film- she didn't say whether or not any of it was true. After all, the film did seem to give her more "street cred" as a tough person with a rough past.

  • Why does Jinafire Long, daughter of the Chinese Dragon, have fire as her element? Isn't the Chinese Dragon water based? For that matter, why is she hot-tempered? Shouldn't she be difficult to rattle and have a calming influence on people? I've never even studied Chinese mythology, I just recalled someone ranting about how Mushu should also be water based (probably on this very website), checked Google, and skimmed a couple links. It's not that hard to do basic research.
    • Out-of-Universe explanation: Mattel probably thinks kids won't know that Chinese dragons are different from Western ones and will be confused if she doesn't have. In-Universe explanation: One of her parents is a Western dragon, or is part Western dragon, so while her appearance and culture is Chinese her powers and attitude come more from the Western side of the family.
    • Funnily enough, she will become a water dragon when she combines with Lagoona in the Freaky Fusion line/special.

  • Is there any relation between Operetta and Mr. Rotter? She's the Daughter of the Phantom of the Opera, and he's physically modeled after the Lon Cheney Phantom.

  • Why is Cupid's daughter at Monster High?
    • Really why is the daughter of Cupid even present at MH, I mean the last time I checked Cupid is not a monster so why is his kid here? It really doesn't make any sense to me, whats next the Easter Bunny's kids will be attending MH as well?
    • C.A. Cupid is adopted. So yes, Cupid is not a monster, but his daughter happens to fall into that category. (I believe she's described as an "elemental" something.)
    • It seems like the writers took notice of this, as they transferred her to Ever After High

  • Another Question about C.A. Cupid, is why is she adopted? I mean Cupid was married! So why is his kid adopted?
    • ...Being married doesn't mean you can't adopt kids.
      • True, but I don't think she ever mentions her mother or adoptive sibling(s).

  • Was it just me or was that a play on the Law and Order SVU theme song playing during the courtroom scene in Frights, Camera, Action?

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