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Funny: Mega Man Battle Network
  • The first game has this moment.
    Wily: As soon as I press this button...Bye bye world! [Wily proceeds to prepare to push the button. This involves raising his arm in the air, finger poised, and twitching]
  • Lan foiling Sunayama's hostage scheme in Battle Network 3 by chucking Mega Man's PET at his head and knocking him out cold.
  • When seeing that Dr. Wily has a statue of himself, Lan kicks it off of a nearby cliff while making a remark about Wily's bad sense of design.
  • In 6, a plumber's Navi loses his tool program, and Lan and Mega Man find it stuck to a Mettaur's head. Lan tells Mega Man to delete the virus, but Mega Man doesn't want to since the program looks harmless and doesn't want to touch it.
  • Every time the security bots ask to see Lan's ID in the sixth game.
  • In a subversion of the usual procedures of the game, Falzar/Gregar actually attack Mega Man in the middle of his "Battle Routine, Set!" dialogue.
  • An NPC lawyer in Green Town who becomes incensed upon learning about a case of dieting scam.
    "This will not be forgiven...NEEEEEVVVVVAAAAHH!"
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