Funny: Mega Man Powered Up

  • Fire Man. Just Fire Man
    Fire Man: Fiiiiire! Burn! Burn! My justice burns hotly! Evil beware!
    • His banter with Bomb Man stands out especially. They both enjoy their professions a little too much...
    • And with Proto Man
      Proto Man:Yes, that's the spirit, Fire Man. Just use it the right way next time you awaken.
      Fire Man: FIIIIIIIIIIIRE!!
    • There's also Fire Man's response to his copy's attempt to demotivate him.
      Fire Man: You! You're a fake! ...Has it finally happened?! A copy of me has appeared... so that means I am a real HERO!
  • Proto Man and Oil Man.
    Oil Man: Lookin' fine, bro! Check it out, we both got scarves! Now that's stylin'!
    Proto Man: Oil Man?! This being our first meeting, brother, I'll make this short, so hang on.
    Oil Man: Hey I give you a compliment and you ignore me! What's up man? Ain't you gonna say somethin' about MY scarf?
  • Cut Man (unsuccessfully) trying to communicate with the Yellow Devil. And it gets even better. The Yellow Devil seems offended by the attempt for what ever reason.
  • This:
    Copy Roll: How do you do, Original Roll! I bet you're worrying about your precious Mega... Ha ha ha...
    Roll: What?! I-I... Th-that's not what I'm thinking at all!!
    Copy Roll: You and I are one in the same. I know everything about you. It's ok, I'll tell him for you. ...Or are you going to try to stop me?
  • Some of the Robot Masters are determined to bring their Copy back to base. Guts Man wants his copy to work on construction with him and Ice Man wants to freeze the "well constructed toy" and bring it home. Both of the copies are horrified and confused about this.