YMMV: Mega Man Powered Up

  • Awesome Music: Some of the soundtracks, though remakes of the first game, are actually very good.
  • Fanon: It's become fairly popular to depict Mega Man's clone with the scarf from "Mega Man?", to differentiate between the original and clone.
  • Game Breaker: Mega Man C has all the abilities of the normal Mega Man, in addition to the slide and charge shot. In fact, the charge shot here can break enemy guards at half power and at full power can go through walls. Proto Man subverts this, as his cannon can't rapid fire or shoot through walls, but is just as powerful as the charge shot and hits as a weakness on every Robot Master. And while he takes double the normal damage, Proto Man runs faster and jumps higher than the rest of the cast, and can use his shield to block a few projectiles.
    • Guts Man, while clunky in the actual stages, is capable of exploiting oversights in the AI for the other Robot Masters, such as trapping Time Man in a box or, even worse, rendering Elec Man completely incapable of harm short of running right into him.
      • It gets even more ridiculous in the final battle with Dr. Wily. Just build a 2x2 fort (2x3 in the second phase), with Guts Man on the left side of the topmost layer. That will make it next to impossible for Wily to damage you at all.
  • Fridge Brilliance: When Proto Man fights his Evil Counterpart, Proto Man's shield doesn't fly away from him when hit, why? He's the one who has the weapon, chances are, he knows how to defend against his own weapon.
    • Another bit of interest is that when Proto Man fights his counterpart, he shows a dislike of Joes. This is weird, until when you remember that the Joes are based on him. He hates Joes because they're essentially him without freedom!
  • Never Live It Down: This game attempts to remove the Dumb Muscle image that had been commonly (and wrongly) associated with Guts Man since the Mega Man series. In challenge mode, all his stages are puzzles showing that he can be rather clever.
  • That One Boss: Well, it's not really that hard a game, certainly easier than the original, but certain Robot/Boss combinations are aggravatingly difficult. For instance:
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: Changing Rock's name to Mega.
    • The remixed soundtrack also took some flak for switching some of the tunes (such as Guts Man, Cut Man and Fire Man's stage BGMs) from minor key to major key.
    • Also, some people didn't like the addition of Desperation Attacks for the 8 Robot Masters.
    • The look of the game was given some flak, and the games sales weren't that much, possibly because of the style, so they didn't try out an otherwise impressive remake of the first game, which is sad, more entries could have meant more characters to play as.
    • Adding the two new Robot Masters.
    • Three words on the subject as to why we won't see any more of the Powered Up games: Gamers are bastards.
    • Be fair, this was only released for PSP, which isn't exactly known for stellar sales in and of itself, except for the Killer Apps.
  • The Scrappy: Ignoring the blackface design of the Japanese version, Oil Man is regularly disliked by players, who hate how impractical and useless his oil-shooting ability is.