Funny / Looney Tunes: Back in Action

  • The Teleporter Accident scene when the Chairman takes the heroes to his office.
  • In Area 52, Daffy gets tasered and melts into a puddle of black goo.
    Daffy: Cleanup on aisle three.
  • When Kate is having her Heroic B.S.O.D. about firing D.J., Bugs is seen peeking in a knight's armor, listening to what Kate is saying and gaining Puppy-Dog Eyes upon hearing her.
    Bugs: Oh, I hate to see a grown man cry...especially when it's a girl.
  • The entire Wal-Mart scene with its mocking of Product Placement.
    Bugs: Nice of Wal-Mart to provide these Wal-Mart beverages in return for us saying Wal-Mart so many times.
  • When Daffy floods the Warner lot, Bugs is seen fishing and exclaims "What do you know, I found Nemo!".
  • When Daffy tries to spring into action as Duck Dodgers for the climax, he puts on a jetpack and says "Duck Dodgers to the rescue!, after which the jetpack blows up. He tries a few more jetpacks when he says it, blowing up each time. Finally, he stares at a jetpack, flatly says "Duck" and it explodes.
    Daffy: It's You-know-who to the rescue! (to audience) It helps if you don't say the name.
  • The entire Psycho parody with Bugs, complete with his over-the-top screaming and him clearly pouring Hershey's chocolate down the drain.note 
    • Not to mention that the whole reason Bugs did the whole thing in the first place:
    Bugs: Doesn't anyone knock anymore?'''
  • The entirety of the painting chase with Bugs, Daffy and Elmer.
  • The scene where Yosemite Sam, lights a match, sees he's in a room full of TNT, and gets blasted into the air, so high, the heroes see him from their flying car.
    Bugs: Look, a shooting star. Quick, everybody make a wish!
    • Also the scene where D.J. throws a guard onto a poker table and is barked at by several dogs who were playing poker (such as Sam Sheepdog, Charlie Dog, Barnyard Dawg, Ham and Ex).
    • The scene where Foghorn Leghorn is a card dealer and D.J. keeps saying "Hit me" to get a card. When Sam reaches his limit.
    Foghorn: (beat, hits Sam with a club) He's the boss.
  • This gem...
    Daffy: I don't know the meaning of the word "fear".
    (opens the door to reveal Sam with a cannon)
    Sam: Say your prayers, duck!
    Daffy: Fear. Noun; a state of terror.
  • This dialogue.
    Bugs: I'm tellin' ya, Daffy, I heard the Warner Brothers say that you were their best duck.
    Daffy: Flattered though I may be, flattened I will not, in order for you to get the laughs! It's all "woo-hoo, yuk yuk", and then "bam, wham, BLAM!"
    Bugs: And your tail's on fire.
    Daffy: Exactly my point! The—
    Bugs: No, really, your tail's on fire.
    Daffy: Huh? [turns to see that his tail actually is on fire] YEOW! AAH! OW! WHOO! OOH-HOO! HOO-HOO! WHOO! [sprints around trying to extinguish his tail; Bugs laughs]
    Bugs: Daff, you're accident-prone.
    [Daffy finally puts out his tail]
    Daffy: [sadly] Oh, what am I talkin' to you for? All you have to do is munch on a carrot and people love you...
  • There's a scene when Daffy and the gang come across what he thinks is the Blue Monkey, and launches into a short angry rant about how he got ripped off. At the end of it, this happens:
    • Afterwards, Daffy inflates himself just as the booby traps activate, including fast-shooting darts
    Daffy: (delirious) Are we rich yet? (gets poked by darts and deflates)
  • The Chairman constantly fiddling with the numerous remote control in the ACME Boardroom.
  • The entire scene with the falling spy car.
    Daffy: (talking on a cellphone) Sell all my Warner Bros. stock! I have an inside tip that Bugs Bunny's about to die!
    • Before that, Daffy's realization after the spy car starts flying miles above the Earth.
    Daffy: You know what? I'm starting to think that this is the spy car.
    Bugs: (facepalms)
  • The Chairman showing DJ that his father is tied to train tracks and surrounded by dynamite, along with the Pendulum of Doom™ which apparently the Chairman didn't order.
    Chairman: Oh, look! It's the Pendulum of Doom! What is the Pendulum of Doom doing here? I did not order the Pendulum of Doom, it's overkill! Get rid of it!
  • Then there's the car chase, where Sam's goons get out the dynamite.
    Kate: Dynamite? Who has dynamite?
    Daffy: Welcome to my world.
    • Followed immediately by Sam arguing with his goons about getting rid of the dynamite.
  • Mother's reaction when she finds out DJ already knows about the Blue Monkey; "What is the point of making them pinkie swear?"
  • Daffy getting his head severed by a laser from the spy phone. Later, his body tries to pick up his head, only for Bugs to kick it away from him.
  • Take a close look at the nameplates of the Acme Board of Directors; the positions are things like "VP of Rhetorical Questions" and "VP of Never Learning". Apparently that's not the first time he's been skeletonized by Taz...
  • After Kate suggests pairing Bugs up with a hot female costar, we get Bugs' best drag performance ever.
    Bugs: Usually, (dresses up like Marilyn Monroe and speaking in a soft, sultry voice) I play the female love interest.
    Michigan J. Frog: (in the background) HELLO MA BABY HELLO MA HONEY!
    Kate: About the crossdressing thing: In the past, funny! Now, disturbing.
    Bugs: (changes back and wipes the lipstick off his mouth) Lady, if you don't find a rabbit with lipstick amusin', then you and I got nothin' to say to each other.
  • When DJ Drake attempts to use the rocket pants given to him earlier. Instead of allowing him to fly like they should, his pants simply rip off, leaving DJ stranded in his boxers.