Funny / Look Who's Talking

  • Mikey: (drops one of Albert's ceramic soldiers) Yeah! Let's trash this place! (stomps on it) Take that, Tonto.
    • Before that, Mikey needs a diaper change:
    Mikey: Ugh, too much fruit.

    Albert: Is he taking a dump?
    Mollie: No, he's thinking really hard!
  • Mollie slamming Mikey's shitty diaper on Albert's desk.
    Albert: For Christ's sake, Mollie, that's a $10,000 desk.
    Mollie: Now it's junk!
  • As Mikey sees his mom and James kiss at the end of the film:
    Mikey: Should I tell them I need a new diaper? (beat) Nah, I'll wait.
  • Mikey looking at a pair of huge breasts: "They come in different sizes? What are these, jumbos?"
    James: What are you looking at? I'll bet you're thinking the same thing.
    Mikey: Yeah, lunch!
  • Mikey's first interaction with his grandma.
    Grandma: Who's got a wet tushy?
    Mikey: I give up.

    (Grandma baby talking Mikey)
    Mikey: Oh yeah. She's gone.
  • Mollie is informed that as far along as her pregnancy is, the baby's gender will now become apparent. Cut to inside the womb:
    Mikey: Hey, look at that. I've got another arm growing there. What's it doing way down there? Now how am I going to get that in my mouth?
    • Gets a callback in the second movie:
    Julie: Okay, let's see; two arms, two legs...two mouths??
  • At the end of an argument James and Molly are having in her apartment:
    James: Now that's it! NOW GET OUT!
    Molly: I LIVE HERE!
    James: I KNOW IT! *storms out*
  • Molly's demonic turn during her contractions in the second movie.
  • The scene where Julie learns to walk is set to the TriStar Pictures logo theme of the time.
  • After finding out Albert is cheating on her with another womannote , Mollie walks away heartbroken, while her friend Rona beats the crap out of him while wearing a dress she hasn't paid yet.