Funny / LazyTown

  • The sheer irony of Robbie's character that, in his pursuit to get to the townspeople to be lazy via elaborate machinations, machines or traps, he becomes one of the most active members.
  • From the "Lazy Scouts" song
    Robbie: We'll walk up a mountain, we'll go camping and always play outdoors.
    Ziggy: Really?
    Robbie: Gotcha!
  • In "Rottenbeard", Robbie tricks the villagers by making them believe that an ancient stone reads "LazyTown must always be lazy." Stephanie asks if this means that she's not allowed to dance anymore and he crows with glee "Not even the sailor's jig!"
  • The "Fun to Be the Mayor" song. Robbie's unflattering imitations of Mayor Meanswell are a riot.
  • In the "Good Stuff" song, there's a split second at 1:14 where Stephanie has a quick but still noticeable change of expression, as if she spotted something offscreen.
    • Maybe she finally noticed Robbie Rotten in plain sight.
  • Just about every single Long List of bad costumes Robbie does when he tries to think of disguises, but a particularly funny one in "Swiped Sweets": He goes through a rhyming list that included a Santa Claus outfit ("Too merry!"), an ape costume ("Too hairy!") and a swamp monster outfit ("Too scary!"). What does he get to next? A fairy princess outfit! ("Too fairy!") The delighted little noise he makes when he gets to it makes it sound as though he would have liked to put that one on!
  • Pretty much everything involving Robbie and his Robot Dog in "LazyTown's New Superhero"
    Robbie: (Baby Talk voice) Are you a good dog? No, you're a bad dog. I'll just flip the switch. One... two... three... trouble!
    Robot-dog: Bow wow wow, bow wow wow, bow wow wow!!! ...
    • Later...
    Robbie: I should've made a sandwich instead of making you!
    • "Here's my little doggie dude / And these are all the shoes he chewed... What?!"
  • In "Zap It!", Sportacus looks curiously at Robbie's periscope. Robbie then looks away, disgusted.
  • In one episode, Robbie is stuck up in a tree, clearly terrified, when the kids come across him. The following exchange occurs.
    Pixel: Just climb down!
    Robbie: I can't!
    Stephanie: Then jump down!
    Robbie: I won't!
    Trixie: Then fall down!
    Robbie: I might.
  • For a meta Crowning Moment of Funny, the official LazyTown channel uploaded a video called We Are Number One but it's the original and it's 1 hour long...., making the "We Are Number One but..." meme an Ascended Meme!
  • This gem.