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Funny / The League

  • Taco getting stoned out of his mind, dressing up as the Krampus and attacking the mall Santa with a series of Groin Attack's before chasing a child up an escalator with a prop from the Santa set and a sack.
  • Kevin in Kegel the Elf. After failing to get to the championship yet again, he goes completely berserk, kicking over a nativity scene and telling his five year old daughter that Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and God do not exist.
  • Taco acting as a therapist in Anchor Baby after inheriting a dead Therapist's apartment.
    • Telling a woman who's having trouble with weight loss that for every pound she looses he will sleep with her that many times and offering her a free preiview.
    • Offering to take an addict's drugs for him.
    • Turning said therapists smoking pipe into a bong.
    • (To Kevin and Pete) "You two are clearly in love, let's talk about this."
  • From the first episode Kevin having the draft decided by the sack race at his daughter's birthday party, leading to the members of the league obnoxiously cheering the children on, Kevin cheering on another child, and Ruxin picking up the winner since it meant he gets first draft.
    • Taco's song for Ellie which starts out being about her birth then goes into how she was conceived.
  • Taco gets naming rights for Kevin and Ellie's son. His choice? Chalupa Batman Mc Arthur.