YMMV / The League

  • Crosses the Line Twice - Even for The League, the season 3 Thanksgiving episode went remarkably and creatively far, when everyone ended up eating Ellie's class guinea pig and then caught Ruxin's dad having sex with Andre's sister (played, respectively, by Jeff Goldblum and Sarah Silverman, for extra points). Horrifying. And hilarious.
    • The line is crossed at least 5 times and burned down whenever Rafi appears.
      • They piss on the ashes of the line in the season 5 episode "Rafi & Dirty Randy."
  • Fridge Brilliance - Andre's Butt-Monkey status stems from his outsider position within the group. Andre, Kevin, Ruxin and Pete went to highschool together but the latter three also went to the same college (Northwestern), Kevin and Pete are established as best friends (with Pete also serving as godfather to Kevin's daughter), Kevin and Ruxin are both lawyers and regularly interact at work and of course Kevin is married to Jenny and is Taco's brother. Andre is treated the way he is because he lacks outside connections with the rest of the league.
    • Actually holds a great deal of merit. Also likely that Jenny went to college with Andre. Jenny dated Ben, who is also friends with Kevin and Andre, during college. Jenny and Ben split, but remained friends. She started dating Kevin shortly after college, which would explain how he and Kevin became friends. That still does not explain how he became friends with Andre. Seeing as no one in their right mind would make friends with a full grown adult who acts like Andre, it is likely that they were friends since college.
  • Insane Troll Logic: Rafi pulls a knife on Andre at one point... and then hands Andre a knife, so they can have a reasonable discussion. About fantasy football.
  • No Yay: Rafi and Russell, in universe. Right? Yeah? Right? Yeah?
  • Squick - Where to start? "It looks like a rusty balloon knot."