Heartwarming / LazyTown

  • This song.
  • There is always a way. You gotta believe in yourself.
  • From the original play, g Gan Vin (I Have A Good Friend) was very heartwarming.
  • In the episode "LazyTown's Surprise Santa", Robbie Rotten snuck into the kids' houses to steal their presents and sabotage Christmas dinner because he thought he wasn't invited to their Christmas party, only to discover a present under the Christmas tree with his name on it and an extra seat at the dinner table for him. Daaaaw!
  • There's also the episode "Dear Diary", where Robbie stole Stephanie's diary with the intention of writing nasty things about Stephanie's friends in there and leaving it somewhere for her friends to find. But as he was flicking through the pages, he noticed all the nice things Stephanie had written about him. He then changed his mind and gave her diary back, intact.
  • In "The Lazy Genie", the titular genie accidentally makes Robbie disappear. Sportacus saves the genie's lamp, so he is given one wish. He gives the wish to Stingy, and what does he do? He wishes Robbie back.
    Genie: He's a pain in the neck!
    Stingy: But he's our pain in the neck!
  • At the end of "The First Day of Summer" the kids and Robbie admit they missed each other when they were apart and Robbie asks if they can do something fun together and Stephanie suggests they sing the "Bing Bang" song. When Robbie asks shyly if he can join in everyone enthusiastically welcomes him and they all perform the song together with Robbie singing and dancing with Sportacus and Stephanie. Not to mention Robbie's imaginary friend throughout the episode.