Awesome Music / LazyTown

Even if you aren't a fan of LazyTown, you might have heard some of their songs.
  • "You are a Pirate" and "Cooking by the Book" are easily the most well-known amongst internet-goers. The former was helped in its popularity thanks to being covered by Alestorm!
  • From one of the original plays, Sportacus explains exactly why he (and the rest of the elf race) is awesome.
  • "We are Number One! HEY!" - Robbie has assembled an entire team of look-alikes and they sing about how great they all are. From the first foreign-sounding catchy notes, the song reels you in. It also shows that the show has still got it when it comes to songs, even after several years of being out of production. It has also become a massive Memetic Mutation as well as just extremely popular on the Internet in general - see the YMMV page for more details.
  • "Woof Woof Woof", Robbie's song about his robot dog, is both catchy and funny. It comes complete with another Robbie's unflattering nicknames for Sportacus, "Sporta-spud," as well as a Dog Walks You moment.
  • "Gizmo Guy". Just the fact that the song uses actual technological terms is awesome on its own.
  • "The LazyTown Circus" ends surprisingly on a circus-themed remix of Bing Bang, and it's pretty catchy in its own right.