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Funny: Justice League of Equestria
     Mare of Steel and side stories 
  • When Rainbow Dash's powers first develop, she accidentally shatters one of Applejack's trees. When she's trying to explain this to a skeptical Applejack, we get this exchange:
    Rainbow Dash: She does?
  • While in Seaddle, Rainbow Dash is still getting used to her new superpowers. While trying out her X-Ray vision, she accidentally activates her Eye Beams and ends up blowing up a pot of food the owner of the Bed and Breakfast she is staying at had left out for her.
    • Also, while there, she gets a Comic book to read in her spare time: A Captain America comic book. Who would have thought that such a thing would exist in a DC crossover.
  • The Gilligan Cut in the beginning of Part 2: Steel Wing is ranting about how Supermare is away in her secret base plotting Celestia's downfall... cue Rainbow Dash waking up from a nap.
  • Evil Things That Are Evil, a potential April Fool's chapter, turns Brainiac into a Card-Carrying Villain whose evil plan of evil is to contaminate the drinking water with extra fat. Supermare stops him because he is evil and evil always loses, and then drinks all the contaminated water with her super-drinking skills and super-metabolism. The short ends with Supermare flying off to stop Silversmith who just stole forty cakes. And That's Terrible.
  • Rainbow Dash's reaction to realizing that she stopped Brainiac and Silversmith's bomb by punching it.
    "That... that worked?"
  • In the side story where Rainbow Dash gets turned into a colt by Red Kryptonite, Thunderlane has to try very hard not to get turned on by her/him.
    • Rainbow Dash casually commenting that Silversmith apparently makes weekly attempts to kill her, and Thunderlane's confusion at it.
    • Rainbow Dash being weirded out by Twilight's connection to the Helm of Nabu, especially when Twilight refers to it as a person.

     The Princess of Themyscira 
  • Soarin' is being interrogated by Hippolyta and the Lasso of Truth is forcing him to tell her everything. When she makes a comment about what else might be going through his mind, he responds with "Dear Celestia, your daughter's got cute flanks". Cue blush from every mare present, especially Diana.
  • Soarin's reaction to seeing Diana fly for the first time.
  • Diana's first interaction with the mortal realm involves constantly being hounded by civilians, asking her things like "who does your mane", "are those real" and "what's your sign".
    Diana: I don't even know what that last one means! Are you all obsessed with signs as well?
  • Soarin' warns Diana about Ponyville's reputation for weirdness, but she ignores him. Then she meets Lyra, who goes on at length about how she intends to use a lightning storm to power a machine to communicate with other dimensions, in hopes of finding humans and proving their existence. Diana is so freaked out that she excuses herself and practically runs away, admitting to Soarin' that he was right.
  • Twilight's Adorkable reaction to meeting Diana, having been told all about her by Cadence.
  • This exchange when Twilight/Nabu confronts Ares:
    Ares: I am not some mortal to be intimidated, Nabu. I am a god, and you will show respect to those that are your superior.
    Nabu: When I find somepony that fits that description, I will be more than happy to listen to them.

     In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night 
  • How does the ring first announce itself to Shining Armor? By slamming into the back of his head. It later realizes this wasn't the best course of action.
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