Funny / Hotel Transylvania

  • Ask a Stupid Question...: Jonathan questioning Dracula on standard vampire weaknesses.
    Jonathan: So, can I ask you a question? Is it true? About the garlic thing?
    Dracula: Yes, I cannot have it. My throat swells.
    Jonathan: Huh, wooden stake through the heart?
    Dracula: Yeah, well, who wouldn't that kill?
    • At the Monster Festival
    Patron: Why doesn't he fly?
    A Dracula: The sun, you idiot, he's a vampire.
    Frankenstein: That's right, thank you, monster nerd!
    • Similarly, a guy asks Dracula to prove he's actually Dracula. Dracula hypnotizes the skeptic and makes him break a mug over his own head.
      • Followed by the guy's nonchalant response:
    Guy: Alright, continue.
  • The Take That! reference to Twilight.
    Dracula: This is how we are represented? Unbelievable.
  • Every single Tex Avery-influenced animated motion!
    • The same goes - probably even doubly so - for all the magnificently exaggerated facial expressions throughout the film.
      • There's one scene during one of Drac's breakdowns in trying to understand Jonathan where he has tiny, off-model, wiggley fingers! Cue laughter!
  • When Jonathan first comes to the hotel and Dracula is trying to think of what to do with him:
    Dracula: I can't kill him. It would set monsters back hundreds of years.
    • Then, after realizing the monsters are real, Jonathan asks Dracula if they'll kill him:
    Dracula: Not as long as they think you're a monster.
    Jonathan: That's kinda racist.
  • There're actually A LOT of jokes lampshading how people react to racism in this film. Drac digs himself deeper while trying to explain to his friends in the sauna why Jonathan "left", only to insult Frank, then Griffin. A scene or two later, Wayne and Murray are mad, though we never find out why.
    • Another example in that scene is how Dracula offends Griff by saying Mavis would never be interested in someone with such red curly hair, despite being invisible and NO one knowing what he looks like.
    Griffin: I have red, curly hair!
    • And there's the Funny Background Event in the sauna. The green blob is sitting behind Dracula when they start the whole racist argument, and once it gets going, the blob's eyes widen and he sinks down like he's really scared and uncomfortable sitting in on this conversation.
  • Griffin the Invisible Man trying to play charades.
    Hydra: Um.... nothing? ..... Emptiness! Erm, glasses? Looking glass? Through The Looking Glass!
    Griffin: (depressed) Ugh, I stink at this...
  • The scream cheese.
    • Likewise, the "skelephone" that does nothing but scream repeatedly and offer snarky comebacks.
  • Dracula, the undead king of the night, the scariest of monsters, completely freaks out when he sees Jonathan's attempts at removing his contact lenses.
  • A ghost armor going down from a Groin Attack, despite not actually having privates.
    Armor: Why did that hurt me?
  • The werewolf pups' complete disrespect of their father, to the point where Dracula has to outright ask if any of Wayne's children respect their father. And it actually takes Wayne several moments of thinking about it to actually come up with one of them that does: The youngest pup, Winnie.
    • And then we get that child learning all kinds of impossible details just from smelling a shirt.
  • Johnny and Mavis' reactions to Dracula's rap near the end of the movie - priceless!
  • In an incredible Getting Crap Past the Radar moment, the Invisible Man getting pantsed and claiming shrinkage.
    • Another great moment when Dracula says that if Jonathan were to reveal that he's a human, the monsters would "go batpoop!"
  • The gargoyle waiter getting back at Quasimodo by making him pick his own nose after Dracula traps him in suspended animation.
    • He's still there at the end of the movie.
  • Frank's mile-high belly flop into the pool.
  • Wayne getting the sheep out of the road during the chase. It's the facial expressions of his friends which really makes the moment.
    Wayne: What? Now there's no sheep in the road! Let's go!
    Murray: That was pretty sick, man.
    Wayne: You eat lamb chop, it's the same thing!
    • Wayne's expressions are hilarious too. After spending the whole movie frowning, he sports a huge smile at the sight of the sheep. After eating the whole flock, he gets back to the car and makes a very satisfied face.
  • Dracula's frustration over how he's never said "blah bluh blah".
  • Jonathan finding out that Dracula is Dracula.
    Jonathan: Dad?!
    Mavis: Yeah, I know, Dracula's daughter. Everyone freaks out at first.
    Jonathan: DRACULA?!
  • Jonathan offhandedly mentioning that the last time someone tried to eat him was at a Slipknot concert.