Tear Jerker: Hotel Transylvania

  • "Dad, can you do me a favor?" "Yes, of course darling, anything." "Will you erase my mind?"
    • Even more horrible for Drac, knowing that he actually can.
    • Him reading Martha's gift to Mavis also gets you.
    • And this utterly heartwrenching exchange:
    Mavis: I thought we zinged, Dad.
    Dracula: [surprised] You and Johnny?
    Mavis: I guess it was only me. But you should be happy, Dad. There's no reason for me to leave. I have no more dreams. I'm just like you now.
  • The backstory that reveals Drac's wife was killed by humans. It's a gut-wrenching sequence, and it suddenly puts all of Drac's overprotectiveness, obsessive secrecy, and hatred of humans into incredibly sharp clarity.
    Dracula: The legend is wrong.
  • Jonathan lying to Mavis about how he doesn't want to be with her and that he hates monsters. The look on her face just screams heartbreaking.