Nightmare Fuel / Hotel Transylvania

Despite having a gothic/horror setting and focusing on the classic horror kings of the past, the film is actually light-hearted and comedic. Inevitably, however, there are some scenes like this.
  • A witch uses a sponge to clean up a puddle in the lobby. Said sponge has a face with eyeballs and a mouth, and it makes happy noises as it absorbs a puddle of werewolf urine. Yes, a urophiliac sponge, in a kid's movie.
    • Never mind that, what about its rather unsettling face?
      • Want to know something Funny? it looks like a monster version of Spongebob!
  • Even though it's only a cartoon, the giant spider will make arachnaphobes uneasy, especially in 3-D.
  • Wayne's blood red eyes staring up for a full few seconds after Dracula's wake up call.
  • The scene where Mavis goes to the fake village and the hotel staff disguised as humans attack her. Especially when they first appear.
  • Dracula will put on a scary face and roar at the screen while the background changes to blood red and a Scare Chord plays. Serves as a reminder that this is still the same Dracula that we've known for so long. Thankfully, this only happens a few times.
  • The shrunken heads on the doors. Oh, GOD, the shrunken heads. How the hell did they get them past the radar?
    • Fridge Horror: Aren't they supposed to be shrunken human heads? In a monster hotel? Doesn't help that they have their eyes stitched up.
      • There were a few times where Dracula used his magic to seal one sassy head's mouth. Brrrrrrrr.