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Headscratchers: Hotel Transylvania
  • Jonathan bringing "fun" into Mavis' rather blasť birthday party is emphasized a lot, and is what eventually causes Dracula to befriend Jonathan rather than despise him for being a human. The rush of excitement Drac gets at the end of the sequence with the flying tables even establishes that he's never had that much fun in a long time! But, you're telling me he's never knew what this "fun" business is about before this?! He hangs out with rowdy pals who play pranks! He brings down the house at dances! His friend Murray is Big Fun! That sequence ended very weakly.
    • Don't forget, Drac's buddies seem to consider him to be a control freak. If anything "fun" happened to be dangerous in the slightest, such as the scene with the tables, there's no way he'd let it come anywhere near his baby girl.
      • Okay, so maybe his problem is that he doesn't know when to let his daughter explore the world and be open to potentially dangerous things, rather than being "fun". I wish they wouldn't use the world "fun" repeatedly in the movie, then.
  • Okay, I get that Quasimodo might be accepted as a monster because of his looks, but why is he alive? He isn't immortal, he was just an ugly human being who was born in the 19th century. He should be dead by now.
    • The others monsters did not consider him human, so, in this film, he is probably not a human.
  • So, are the werewolves immortal? 'Cause the wife was present when the Dracula's met over 118 years ago.
    • In some folklore and modern media werewolves are immortal in both being virtually unkillable and ageless. In this case they are immortal.
  • Why is there only one female werewolf pup? That seems really unlikely when you consider how many there are of them. Unless she was just the only girl with Tertiary Sexual Characteristics?
    • Rule of Funny.
    • Maybe she is the only one that isn't a total mindless, destructive little hellion.
  • Why are Mavis' clothes so modern, if she has not been outside in a hundred years? She's got a short skirt, t-shirt with armwarmers wearing converse? How is she dressed that way and not in Victorian style?
    • The wonders of Internet shopping, ladies and gentlemen!
    • We are shown that Dracula is keeping tabs on human trends, even if he is misinterpreting the reasons for the trends. Perhaps Mavis got a hold of some of these reports? Or maybe some of the other monsters who have closer contact with humans designed them for her? (Griffin seems likely, in this case.)
  • Why don't they turn Jonathan into a vampire? It would have solved quite a few of the problems in this movie.
    • Maybe he just didn't want to become a vampire.
    • We dont know if vampires can do that in this universe. Mavis was born a vampire.
    • Family unfriendly message. Plus, it would've been a bit too close to Twilight which was openly mocked by the authors.
    • Considering vampires don't have too many drawbacks in the movie - they may subsist on blood substitutes and sunlight doesn't hurt them that much - one can imagine that'll be the case eventually. Dracula does say Johnny is a lousy Frankenstein but he'd make a great vampire.
  • Dracula's hypnotism apparently fails on Johnny because of his glasses, yet Drac has no problem hypnotising that airplane pilot (who hilariously begins speaking with Drac's accent) through the windshield of the plane.....
    • Could be the materiel used. There might be some kind of difference between the contacts and windshield that allow protection or not.
      • Could just be that the contacts were directly 'blocking' the pupils, where as the windshield technically was not
  • When Mavis walks on the ceiling, shouldn't her hair be hanging?
  • So...WOULD his hand disappear?
  • What monster were the fleas or whatever they were? Everyone else was iconic in some fashion.
    • Bed bugs!
  • How on earth did the humans manage to kill Martha? Vampires in this movie are established to have the powers of shapeshifting, wall clinging, possibly something that seems to border on teleportation that Mavis keeps using to ambush Johnny, telekinesis, and the ability to petrify people indefinitely in less than a second. Their weaknesses? A minor aversion to garlic and that they burn up (very very slowly) in sunlight. How did any of those humans, who attacked at night time, mind you, manage to get a stake through her heart, even with all of the fire?
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